Coolest Diet Coke Cake Design

Homemade Diet Coke Cake Design

I used a recipe for a pumpkin roll to get the shape of a coke can. I then covered the cake in homemade fondant (colored it using one part black to one part royal blue to get the silver color). I cut the letters out of fondant and sprayed them red with food mist spray. … Read more

Coolest Beer Bottle Cake

Sugar Beer Bottle Cake

This is my second sugar beer bottle cake. It was made for a coworker’s husband for his birthday. He and his friends visit a restaurant that serves blue buckets of beer on their deck during the summer. I made the bottle mold from a beer bottle using Amazing Mold Putty. The beer bottles and ice … Read more

Fun Cakes Shaped Like Drinks 2

Found this cake in a cake decorating book for fun cakes and made it for my husbands welcome home return from active service in Iraq. I used store bought marzipan and fondant icings. Make or buy fruitcake. Cut out circles the size of a champagne bottle (the higher the cake the less circles you will … Read more

Coolest Budweiser Birthday Cake

Homemade Budweiser Birthday Cake

This is a Budweiser Birthday Cake I made for my brother’s birthday. This is the first cake I have ever tried to make, so it’s not my best but not my worst either. So for all you non cake makers this could be something easy enough for you to do! I needed an idea to … Read more

Cool Homemade Tequila Cake

Homemade Tequila Cake

This is a Tequila cake that my sister asked me to make in the shape of a Jose Cuervo tequila bottle for a friend’s birthday. I used two boxes of butter yellow cake mix and baked it in one 13X9 rectangular pan (for the bottom of the bottle) and one bread loaf pan (for the … Read more

Homemade Wine Bottle Cake with Dark Chocolate Icing

Homemade Wine Bottle

This wine bottle cake was made by using 2 9×13 cakes. I cut the top cake into a bottle shape for the top/neck. I frosted the cake with dark chocolate icing and then sprayed with green food color spray for a green glass look. I used a white chocolate candy bar for the label and … Read more

Cool Homemade Beer Bottles in a Bucket Cake

Homemade Beer Bucket Cake

This Beer Bucket Cake is a 5 layer yellow cake with chocolate filling. I used 2- 8 inch rounds for the bottom and 3- 10 inch rounds for the upper layers. I froze the cakes overnight then shaved to create the bucket look. I covered the whole cake with fondant. I used crushed graham crackers … Read more

Coolest Monster Energy Cake

Homemade Monster Energy Cake

I made this Monster Energy Cake baking 3 different chocolate sheet cakes first. I stacked them on top of one and other and used a bread knife to cut the edges away making them longer and narrow . I then cut each of the corners off the cake (while stacked). I then froze the cakes … Read more

Coolest Beer Bucket Cake

Homemade Beer Bucket Cake

I made this homemade beer bucket cake using two 8” round cakes (it could have been made larger). This is a chocolate cake with Oreo cream filling between the 3 layers. This cake required only one box of cake mix and about 5 cups of filling/frosting (I iced the cake thick on the outer edges … Read more

Fun Cakes Shaped Like Drinks 3

The coffee cup is a cupcake. I took off the paper wrap after baking it and crumb-coated with buttercream and covered in fondant [I dyed it yellow]. Chocolate frosting is the “coffee” and white frosting is the “whipped cream” on top. The cake next to it is a mini cake with buttercream icing/covered in fondant. … Read more

Coolest Navy Rum Cake

Lamb's Navy Rum Cake

For my friend’s 40th I made him a 40oz cake. I took inspiration from his favorite drink, a Cuba Libra. I set up the bottle, an actual cocktail and lime as my model to make this Navy Rum Cake. The bottle is 2, 6×4 inch round cakes. I also made an 8 inch round cake … Read more

Coolest Black Heart Rum Cake

Homemade Black Heart Rum Cake

When I was thinking of a cake to make my mum for her birthday this year, the first thing that came to mind was this. Rum is her drink of choice and only ever Black Heart rum. The cake I rushed together on the day so its a very simple version of the bottle of … Read more

Coolest Corona Beer Birthday Cake

Homemade Corona Beer Birthday Cake

This Corona Beer Birthday Cake is a cake made of cheese. And the bug is replaced by the small bottle of CORONA. The recipe includes 8 0z of cream cheese, six eggs, two cups of self rising flour, two cups of sugar, one tbs. of vanilla and two bars of butter. Firstly you have to … Read more

Coolest Beer Tankard and Beer Can Birthday Cake

Homemade Beer Tankard and Beer Can Birthday Cake

This homemade beer tankard and beer can birthday cake was made for a friend’s dad’s 70th birthday, he is a real ale fanatic! The tankard was fruit cake. The Fosters beer can was Swiss roll for the kids.

Cool Homemade Coffee Cup Cake for a Coffee Lover

Homemade Coffee Cup Cake

My friend and I made this Coffee Cup Cake for another friend’s birthday. We had a hard time choosing what to make in cake form and we finally decided on a coffee cup. Our friend loves coffee and cake, so we thought it would be a great gift. We simply stacked about four cakes on … Read more

Fun Cake Designs for Drink-Shaped Birthday Cakes 0

I made this fun cake for my friends 25th birthday! We like to drink martinis and margaritas so I thought that fun cake designs would be an appropriate cake choice. I used chocolate cake mix-two boxes but I think white would be a better choice. I say this because while I was trying to frost … Read more

Fun Cakes Shaped Like Drinks 4

A fellow employee wanted me to make a beer mug cake for him. Once I told him that I like to make fun cakes and that I had a pan for it. I made the cupcakes because I didnt think the cake was going to make enough for everyone to have a piece. The mug … Read more

Cool Homemade Budweiser Birthday Cake

Homemade Budweiser Birthday Cake

My grandpa turned 80 years old, and I was asked to do his cake. I knew he loves Budweiser, he has for my entire life, so this Budweiser Birthday Cake is what I chose to make his cake look like. I baked a sheet cake, and iced it with red butter cream frosting. I got … Read more

Coolest Drinks Birthday Cake

Homemade Drinks Birthday Cake

I made this Drinks Birthday Cake for my boyfriend’s 21 birthday! He loved his cake so much that he didn’t even wanna eat it! How to make this cake: To make the bottles you will first need to buy a kit to make the mold. I used AMAZING MOLD PUTTY (you can get it at … Read more

Coolest Coors Light Birthday Cake

Homemade Coors Light Birthday Cake

i made this Coors Light Birthday Cake for my fiances sister’s birthday. The Coors light was made from rice crispy’s covered in fondant. I used fondant for the strips and for the top dome which is cake inside. It was really fun to make.

Coolest Ice Chest Filled with Beer Cake

Homemade  Ice Chest Filled with Beer Cake

I used a couple of ideas on this website and made my own version of a Ice Chest Filled with Beer Cake. I took the ice chest idea and the beer bucket idea and combined them. This is a four layered yellow cake covered with buttercream icing and topped with marshmallow fondant. On top of … Read more

Coolest Largest Martini Glass Shaped Cake

Homemade Largest Martini Glass Shaped Cake

We made this Largest Martini Glass Shaped Cake, measuring 3 1/2 feet tall X 2 feet wide x 12″ high. We used three round 24″ cakes for the martini bowl and the base/stand. Then 2 rectangular molds 18″ X 12″ for the stem. Two of the round cake molds were chocolate, 1 was vanilla. Between … Read more

Fun Cake Designs for Drink-Shaped Birthday Cakes 1

I love to work with fondant and I love chocolate martinis. I also love to make fun cake designs so I attempted this martini cake. I used a rectangular and a square pan. I cut them into triangles. I used a plastic column used for wedding cakes as the stem. It helps to use frosting … Read more

Coolest Beer Bottle Cake Design 66

A friend asked me to make her daughter a cake for her 23rd birthday. I asked what the daughter liked and she said Blue Moon Beer. I have done the “wine bottle cake” before so I decided to stick with a gum paste bottle, although I considered the rice crispie treat route. I formed the … Read more