Coolest Lone Star Beer Cake

Homemade Lone Star Beer Cake

This was for a slide show party I hosted with friends from college and just thought that our favorite beer from the time was appropriate. I used a casserole dish as the pan and the shape was just perfect as it bowed a little on the sides. The same shape can probably be achieved with … Read more

Coolest Champagne Birthday Cake

Homemade Champagne Birthday Cake

For a family friend’s birthday I was asked to make a chocolate cake. I decided to keep with this theme I would also use chocolate for decoration instead of icing. As she had recently got a job promotion, I wanted to put a champagne bottle and glasses on there, and as her nickname has been … Read more

Coolest Juice Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Juice Box Birthday Cake

This Juice Box Birthday Cake was actually very easy to make! I started with a wooden base and drilled a hole in it to attach a ½” PVC pipe about 15” high. I used two 2” high half sheet cakes and cut out 6 rectangles to stack for the box. I stacked the cakes and … Read more

Homemade Coffee Cup Cake Idea

Homemade Coffee Cup Cake

I used a metal bowl to bake the Coffee Cup Cake in. It does take a little longer to cook than a normal cake pan. Once I let it cool, I iced the bottom of the cake first piping on the lines to decorate my coffee cup. Then I flipped it around so that the … Read more

Coolest Margarita Going Away Cake

Homemade Margarita Going Away Cake

I made this Margarita Going Away Cake to wish our supervisor good luck at her new assignment. I used the Wilton party hat cake pan. I used yellow cake. As with all cakes I make, everything is made from buttercream frosting. First I cut the ball of the hat in half and saved the rounded … Read more

Fun Cake Designs for Drink-Shaped Birthday Cakes 2

We made fun cake designs for my diet Pepsi-aholic father in law (very easy to tease a kind of guy who loves the New England patriots). I tiered this cake and put support rods all through out but for some reason perhaps fate it would still not hold, perhaps the cake was just to soft … Read more

Coolest Beer Mug Birthday Cake 90

Homemade Beer Mug Birthday Cake For my sisters 21st birthday I wanted to make her a special cake so, obviously, a beer mug cake!For the base of the cake, I used 2 round red velvet cakes (my sister’s favorite) and then used a yellow cake mix for the actual mug. I baked the yellow cake … Read more

Coolest Bud Light Beer Bottle Cake

Homemade Bud Light Beer Bottle Cake

I began by cutting two of the same beer bottle shapes out of a single layer sheet cake. I then added a thin layer of icing and stacked one bottle on top of the other. At this point, I place the cake in the freezer until frozen. (It makes it easier to carve and ice.) … Read more

Cool Homemade Drinks Birthday Cake

Homemade Drinks Birthday Cake

I love making cakes and this drinks birthday cake was something special. This cake was for my lovely husband. He loved this cake very much. I made this cake using a size 13x9x2 cake pan made by Wilton. I made four layers of vanilla cake and filled with Bavaria cream. Then I iced the cakes … Read more

Coolest Corona Bottle Cake

Homemade Corona Bottle Cake

This Corona bottle cake was made out of a simple box cake (whatever flavour). The icing was homemade with a simple butter and icing sugar recipe. The Corona beer bottle was shaped out of craft store bought gum paste. (Fondant will work also but gum paste can be purchased in smaller quantities). The gum paste … Read more

Coolest Coffee Cup Cake

Homemade  Coffee Cup Cake

This Coffee Cup Cake was made for a friend’s daughter’s 19th birthday. She just started college and is really into her coffee. I used the Wilton Wonder cake pan and inverted it so the large end was up and the small end down. I did trim a small amount from the small end so there … Read more

Cool Homemade Monster Energy Drink Cake

Homemade Monster Energy Drink Cake

This Homemade Monster Energy Drink Cake was requested by a dear friend of mine. I was so excited to do this Lo Carb Monster Energy Drink because that’s what my husband and I like as well. The cake is made up of five 6″ rounds, white cake with cream cheese buttercream. There are two cake … Read more

Fun Cake Designs for Drink-Shaped Birthday Cakes 3

I was searching for fun cake designs when I came across this cake. The “Born-On” cake was baked in a 1/2 sheet pan and shape was cut out to mimic a beer bottle. Beer cans were made from the scrap. All pieces were iced with butter cream icing.

Coolest Miller Lite 21st Birthday Cake 83

I looked on-line for ideas to make my Miller Lite 21st Birthday Cake. I looked under images “Miller Lite beer logo”. I chose the large logo and the Miller bottle. I enlarged each of the pictures and used them as a stencil to create the lettering and the picture.First, I frosted the cake with white … Read more

Coolest Beer Cooler Birthday Cake

Homemade Beer Cooler Birthday Cake

I made 2 small oval cakes for this Beer Cooler Birthday Cake. I used 1 cake mix baked according to directions. Let cool completely. Then ice between layers with buttercream. I found the directions for making sugar bottles online and thought I would try it. It took longer to make the mould than it was … Read more

Coolest Mocktail Cake

Homemade Mocktail Cake

I got the idea for the mocktail cake from Foodnetwork magazine’s Tikki Cocktail cake. Since I was making it for a party with kid’s I just renamed it to a Mocktail. Cake: I baked one 6 inch round cake for the center and two 1 quart bowl cakes for the top and bottom halves. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Corona Bottle Cake

Homemade Corona Bottle Cake

This Corona bottle cake was made to look like a Corona beer bottle. I used four layers of 6 inch round cakes, then added five cupcakes to create the neck of the bottle. The hardest part was making sure that I had the cake secure so that it would not topple over. I used skewers … Read more

Coolest Ketel One Vodka Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Ketel One Vodka Birthday Cake Design

I baked one 2/3 sheet cake and carved the bottle shape, then iced it with buttercream icing, wrapped the bottle neck in black fondant, then created the label with gumpaste. I then drew on the specifics with edible markers. Everyone loved this Ketel One Vodka Birthday Cake Design!

Coolest Coffee Cup Birthday Cake

Homemade Coffee Cup Birthday Cake

I baked a cake in a glass bowl, then baked a round one that would fit on top to give the cup more height. Iced them together and then iced the whole thing. For the handles, I melted white melting chocolate and formed to ‘c’s’ on wax paper and glued them together with icing, then … Read more

Coolest Beer Mug Cake 82

I made this Beer Mug Cake for my father-in-laws 60th. I used 4 8″ cake tins, but cut them down to about 6″ when baked filled the middle with buttercream and jam and placed on top of each other. Then used chocolate roll-out icing to make the beer colour and loads of buttercream for the … Read more

Coolest Beer Bottle Cake Design

Homemade Beer Bottle Cake Design

I made this Homemade Beer Bottle Cake Design for my brother’s birthday this weekend. Everyone was amazed. The bottles are made of sugar, as well as the ice cubes. The bowl for mixed nuts was also made of sugar. I had a great time making this cake. The bucket is German chocolate cake with German … Read more

Coolest Jack Daniels Birthday Cake

Homemade Jack Daniels Birthday Cake

I made this Jack Daniels Birthday Cake for a good friend of mine who is a die hard Jack fan, it was his 50th birthday. This was one of my first cakes I ever made. It was made with yellow cake and I brushed on a pint of Jack Daniels when it had cooled down. … Read more

Coolest Cup of Coffee Birthday Cake

Homemade Cup of Coffee Birthday Cake

My daughter attends a daycare center with the most wonderful teachers! The daycare director, Melanie, is a great person and she and I share a love of coffee and mochas. For her birthday, I surprised her with this Cup of Coffee cake at the daycare. The basic shape of the cake was achieved using the … Read more