Coolest BBQ Theme Birthday Cake

Homemade BBQ Theme Birthday Cake

This unique grill cake I made for my sister-in-law who was turning 30 and and my brother hosted a huge BBQ birthday party for her. I am the baker of the family so I decided to make a grill with some burgers and things for decorations. I made a 16″ round cake with fresh fruit … Read more

Cool Homemade BBQ Cake

Homemade BBQ Cake

Since we were having a BBQ for Father’s day, I decided to make a homemade BBQ cake. Most of the ideas I had gotten from this website. The cake is a layer cake covered with red and chocolate icing. The grates on the BBQ are black Twizzlers, the hamburgers are tootsie rolls with yellow Starburst … Read more

Coolest Barbecue Cake

Homemade Barbecue Cake

This homemade barbecue cake was made from the great ideas from this website. The hot dogs are made from tootsie rolls and Starbursts. The burgers are rice krispie squares, shaped into burgers and coloured with Nutella. Both burgers and hot-dogs were painted with black icing for the grill marks.

Coolest Homemade BBQ Cake

Homemade BBQ Cake

I made this BBQ Cake for Father’s day last year. I used a Pyrex bowl to bake the cake and then used a ham stand upside down for the bottom part. The steak and shrimps are molded out of fondant and painted with Wilton colors. It was a hit!