Cool Homemade Pumpkin Cake Ideas

Coolest Pumpkin Cake Ideas, Photos and How-To Tips

I made this pumpkin cake for the fall cake raffle at my kid’s school. I used the Wilton Pumpkin Cake Pan. I used two packages of vanilla cake mix. I used prepared Butter cream icing and added orange coloring. Iced the whole cake and then used a black tube icing that I bought to detail … Read more

Sunday Lunch Cake for a Hospital Patient

This was made for a patient in hospital that just wanted a home made Sunday dinner! It was his birthday so his wife and myself came up with this idea! The plate is a simple Victoria sponge with a butter cream filling covered in white royal icing to make the shape of the dinner plate! Then all the food was made … Read more

Coolest Beer Mug Cake

Coolest Beer Mug Cake

I made this Beer Mug Cake for a friend’s son who was turning 30. I knew he liked to party so I thought how about a beer mug cake that looked like it was sitting on a table with pretzels and an ashtray, also I wanted it to look like beer was pouring into the mug. My … Read more

Coolest Vintage Coke Machine Cake

I made this Vintage Coke machine cake for a friend of mine. He wanted something with coke. He was born in 1956. I decided to Google images of 1956 coke machines. I found one I liked and made the cake. I made two  red velvet cakes in a 9×13 pan. I filled it with cream cheese butter cream frosting. I rounded out one … Read more

Coolest 3D Pineapple Birthday Cake

This was a Pineapple cake I made for friend’s that shared a birthday. We decided on a pineapple sort of as a joke because they are vegetarians. We baked several yellow cakes. I think 6 total.  Once they were cooled, we made a hole in the middle of each for our “structure”.  In between each … Read more

This is Louie – My Roasted Pig Cake!

This is my roasted pig cake. His name was Louie. We ate him. I got mixed reviews on him. My cakes freak  my sister out. She says they are weird. I love weird. I made 3 batches of my special pound cake and stacked them. I put a thin layer of butter cream and then … Read more

Awesome Wine and Souvlaki Cake

I made this awesome wine and souvlaki cake using a sponge cake: 10 eggs beaten in a stand mixer with sugar for about 5~6 minutes.  I used a spatula and very softly put 250gr of flour and 50 gr of cacao. I put it in a warm oven at 180 for about an hour. I let it … Read more

M&M Cake for Justin’s 11th Birthday

At this age they wait for the last minute. Oh yea, can I have a M&M cake and make it green. This was my first attempt at working with fondant, it’s a real workout to kneed in the color. It cracked a little but looked good enough for the boys to want to cut the … Read more

Coolest Breakie Birthday Cake

Coolest Breakie Birthday Cake

I made this breakie birthday cake for my best friend, who I’ve been friends with for 20 years. She loves breakfast and comes to my house for breakfast almost every Sunday. I used a  10X2 round cake pan and made a delicious old fashioned sour cream fudge cake (filled with chocolate whipped butter cream  and then carved the … Read more

Easy Watermelon Cake

Nice cake for a summer BBQ! I didn’t get a picture of it cut but I used white cake that I dyed red and I threw in some chocolate chips to make it look like the inside of a watermelon. The rest is all colored buttercream! The black you could buy I a tube or … Read more

Cool Tequila Bar Cake for a 21st Birthday

I was asked to do a cake for a young women turning 21 who was not very girly. Her favorite drink was Tequila and the cake was to be very sweet as the family all have a tendency for sweet food. So they decided on a Tequila Bar cake made from a caramel mud cake with caramel frosting and then … Read more

Really Cool Popsicle Cake

For my daughter’s 13th birthday she requested a very difficult dragon cake. I said to her perhaps choose something a little easier, so she asked for a cake in the shape of an ice-block. The cake was relatively easy, the hardest part was cutting the chocolate fondant for the top of the cake. And yes … Read more