Coolest BBQ Fun Day Cupcakes

Friends were having a BBQ and I had seen these cute cupcakes in a magazine. Theme was perfect for the day so I decided to make these BBQ cupcakes. I had an arrangement of little hamburgers, hot dogs with buns, then hot dogs kabobs and pork chops on the “grill” and the campfire with some … Read more

Cool Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs Birthday Cake

Coolest Spaghetti and Meatballs Birthday Cake

I made this “Spaghetti & Meatballs” cake for my future-mother-in-law for her birthday last year. Since my fiance is Sicilian, Spaghetti & Meatballs were a staple in his home growing up. When I saw this cake on a blog that I frequently read, I thought it would be so fun and appropriate to make this … Read more

Coolest Chocolate Bar Cake

Coolest Chocolate Bar Cake

I came up with the idea for this chocolate bar cake because I wanted to make a special cake for a friend’s birthday. She is Norwegian and she loves chocolate, so I decided to create a replica of one of her favorite chocolate bars in cake form. How I Made My Friend’s Chocolate Bar Cake … Read more

Awesome Homemade Chips and Dip Cake for a Potluck

chips and dip cake

I made this Chips and Dip cake for a retirement potluck. The retiree was known for always bringing ruffled potato chips and onion dip to our potlucks, so I decided to make a cake version in his honor. Making the Potato Chips The first step for this cake was to make the chips. I added … Read more

Cool Homemade Mug cakes

Mug cakes

This idea came up as soon as start thinking about birthday boy – he loves his printing on the mugs business and gardening. Each mug is an little individual cake, made in one style, but one is specially decorated. These cakes are filled up with chocolate moist and reach sponge, light raspberry mousse and black … Read more

Awesome Anti-Gravity Beer Mug Cake

Beer Mug Cake

My niece wanted to make a special cake for her boyfriend’s 21st birthday and she came to me to help her. I created this anti-gravity beer mug cake for her. I baked a round 9″ basic 2 layered vanilla cake then wrapped it in a white rolled out fondant I scored and colored with a … Read more

Coolest Champagne Bottle Cake

Coolest Champagne cake

I was asked to make a cake with a champagne bottle on the top for a ladies birthday. I  like to do the modelling myself so I started by making a model of a 1/2 bottle out of ricecrispies mixed with marshmallows, I modelled the bottle and covered with cling wrap and set aside in the … Read more

Awesome Taco Cake!

Awesom Taco Cake!

This taco cake was fun to make and not particularly difficult!  I baked a round cake, cut it in half and stacked with buttercream icing. Meanwhile, I tinted fondant a yellow/brown/orange to match the color of a corn tortilla.  I also added some Oreo cookie crumbs to the fondant to add to the corn tortilla … Read more

Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake!

Anti-Gravity Cereal Birthday Cake!

Following a video tutorial on “How to Cake It,“ I baked a white cake in a large Pyrex measuring bowl and covered it with a buttercream crumb coat. I covered the cake with a tinted fondant to produce the bowl. I also covered the top with a thin layer of white fondant to provide a … Read more

Amazing Wine Bottle Cake for Mom’s 60th Birthday

Classy Wine Bottle Cake for a 60th Birthday

My Mom’s 60th birthday was coming up and I wanted to make her a special wine bottle cake.  My sister thought I should make something funny (a roll of toilet paper that read “You’re old as crap!  Here’s to wiping another year away”).  Besides the fact that my very conservative grandmother thought it was inappropriate … Read more

Coolest Chinese Food To Go Cake

Chinese Takeout Box Cake

I made this Chinese takeout box cake for an Asian Moon Festival event at work. (Where I work, we have potlucks with themes throughout the year. Basically, we like to snack at work, so we’ll find any reason to celebrate and eat.) This cake is very simple to make. Making the Chinese Takeout Box Cake … Read more

Coolest Homemade Burger Cake With Fondant Veggies

Coolest Homemade Burger Cake

Making the Birthday Burger Cake Here’s a burger cake I made for my daughter and her boyfriend’s birthdays (5 days apart). We were invited to their birthday/camping party at his parent’s house in the desert. I said I’d bring the cake. I worked on it over several days. First, I baked two 8 inch white … Read more