Coolest Salad Cake

Homemade Salad Cake

We were celebrating an Anniversary of a co-worker. Her lunch everyday is salad so we thought it would be fitting to have a salad cake for her party. I baked the cake in a round casserole type bowl. I used a pound cake type recipe so I would have a firmer cake to work with. … Read more

Coolest Salad Cake Idea

Homemade Salad Cake Idea

The inspiration for this Salad Cake Idea came when a friend asked me to bring either a Salad or a Dessert to her housewarming. With a keen interest in cakes I thought the only logical answer was to combine the two, hence this Salad cake. The cake itself was just a basic chocolate cake baked … Read more

Cool Salad-Shaped Birthday Cakes

Free Cake Recipe Ideas

We had a birthday potluck at work with a salad theme-pasta, potato, green fruit, egg etc. I didn’t want to feel left out by making an ordinary cake. This was so much fun to make and so much fun placing it on the table next to all the other “real” salads. Thanks to this website … Read more

Coolest Salad-Shaped Free Cake Recipe Photo 1

My mother-in-law moved to our area after being ill for some time. She moved to a long term care facility and every night wanted my husband to bring her a salad or two. Her birthday was coming up and I thought I would make her a salad for her cake. I baked the cake in … Read more

Coolest Salad-Shaped Free Cake Recipe Photo 2

My mother-n-law loves to order a Greek Salad/Bread from Panera bread company. So I baked a chocolate cake in a round Pyrex pan. I dug out a little to create a bowl shape. I frosted the bowl white, and put green frosting inside. I then frosted some scraps green that I originally dug out to … Read more