Unique Cakes in the Shape of Turtles 9

My daughter adores turtles and for her sixth birthday, she wanted to have a turtle theme birthday party! This cake is a 9-inch round cake with four cupcakes for the feet, and a larger custard cup size head. I iced it with a chocolate ganache and the head, feet, and shell pattern is green tinted … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lion Picture Cakes and Tips 11

I decorated this cake with mock cream I made from icing sugar, and coloured it with food colouring. A friend drew the outline of the lion from a lion picture. I used grease paper, cut out the shape, placed it over the cake, and cut around the edges. After that I covered it with icing.

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Photos 11

I used 2 Wilton dome pans (4 domes in each pan), 1 box of cake mix, let cool really well in pan then turn upside down to let the domes slide out, hopefully unharmed. I then used Wilton roll out Fondant icing (a little hint: knead in a little bit of clear vanilla or almond … Read more

Coolest Caterpillar Baby Einstein Cake Photos 0

This Baby Einstein cake was made for my sons 1st birthday. It was an easy decision since he was a huge fan of the Baby Einstein videos and would get all excited when the caterpillar would cross the screen. There were also plenty of available party supplies. We only used the plates with all the … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes 4

Each ball of the cake was created using the small Wilton’s ball pan. Each ball was covered in fondant and airbrushed to match the colors of the DVD. Dowel rods were screwed to the cake board and the cakes were slid over the rods to keep the balls in place. Grass was created using colored … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar First Birthday Cake


When we decided to do a Baby Einstein themed first birthday party for our son, my sister and I of course consulted www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com for ideas. We found great ideas for my older son’s 2nd birthday (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake) here. We used a large Wilton sheet cake pan to make the base. We used a … Read more

Coolest Turtle Baby Einstein Birthday Cakes 0

My son loves little Einstein so we chose this turtle from the baby Einstein birthday cakes from this site. We made a small circle pan, one large spring form pan and 12 cupcakes for this cake. First we put icing on the under belly (small circle pan) then cut and put icing on the cupcakes … Read more

Coolest Lion Baby Einstein Cakes 0

My son was turning one and we were having a Baby Einstein party theme and I was having a hard time finding baby Einstein cakes I liked (I found this site afterwards). My sister and I came across Wiltons Friendly Lion Pan and decided to change the facial features to make it the lion from … Read more

Coolest Homemade Catterpillar Cake Gallery 0

I made this cake using the Wilton sports ball pans. I used six different cake mixes. Five for the body and the sixth was for cupcake legs-all made the night before. I wanted to do icing stars to cover the cake but I didnt have the patience. I used tip number eighteen to cover him. … Read more

Coolest Caterpillar Baby Einstein Cake Photos 1

I got the idea for this Baby Einstein cake from the second picture sent in from Monica R. from Walland TN. I used 6 inch cake pans for the body of the caterpillar and cupcakes for the feet tail and antenna. I took 4 tubs of white icing and 3 boxes of cake. I ended … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes 5

My daughter, after watching an old Baby Einstein video, decided she didnt want a Spiderman cake after all for her third birthday party; she wanted a caterpillar cake! So I utilized this website to help come up with my Baby Einstein caterpillar cakes and there were some really great ideas. I started by buying the … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein  Caterpillar Birthday Cake

This Baby Einstein Caterpillar Birthday Cake was my son’s 1st birthday cake. It was also my first attempt at a custom birthday cake. It took some time to make but was so worth it! Baby Einstein was the birthday theme and this is how the caterpillar cake was created: The bottom of the cake is … Read more

Baby Einstein Caterpiller Cake

Baby Einstein Caterpiller cake

I used the baseball cake pan and made five different flavors. I used bamboo skewers for the support for the head. I had a lot of fun with this Baby Einstein Caterpiller cake. I just used regular butter cream icing. Chocolate for the cheeks and head. I used sugar cookies for the Happy Birthday. I … Read more

Coolest Lion Baby Einstein Cakes 1

This cake was for our sons 2nd birthday. We used two Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Cake Mixes for our baby Einstein cakes. Made (2) 9″ cakes plus one cupcake and 2 mini cupcakes. For the mane the frosting was Betty Crocker coconut and pecan extra creamy. The face was used with Betty Crocker Caramel extra … Read more

Coolest Homemade Catterpillar Cake Gallery 1

We used 2 boxes of white cake mix for the main cake large Wilton sheet pan. The icing we used was Duncan Hines Whipped icing. For the caterpillar segments we used another box of cake mix in Wilton dome pans. To ice the segments we colored the icing w/ Wilton gel colors and used tip … Read more

Coolest Caterpillar Baby Einstein Cake Photos 2

Using Wiltons Ball pan I baked 5 ball halves, let cool and leveled each one by cutting off excess cake horizontally (from the “bottom” of the body section). I traced the caterpillar shape onto cardboard using the cake pan so I would know how long the board needed to be. Then I cut the edges … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes 6

For my daughter’s first birthday party I chose to make Baby Einstein Caterpillar cakes. I got many great ideas and tips for this web site prior to starting my own variation. It was time consuming but well worth all the effort. I didn’t bake the cakes the day before but do recommend it if you … Read more

Cute Homemade Baby Einstein Happy Caterpillar Cake

Homemade  Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

My little girl really enjoys her Baby Einstein videos, so for her first birthday my wife and mother-in-law made a Baby Einstein Caterpillar cake. This was a great choice for more reasons than just my daughter’s love of Baby Einstein. First, since we were expecting upwards of 30 guests, we needed lots of cake, and … Read more

Colorful Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Birthday Cake

I made this Baby Einstein Caterpillar birthday cake for my son’s 1st birthday – it was about about the only thing he recognized at the time! I used simple metal mixing bowls to bake the cake for the body segments. The legs, antenna, and tail are cupcakes, cut to fit their space. I used a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Einstein Birthday Cake Ideas 0

My nephew loves baby Einstein so my sister of course chose baby Einstein as the theme for his first birthday party. She had thought about ordering a baby Einstein birthday cake but I decided I would try to make it. I actually put the whole thing together the morning of the party. It took me … Read more

Coolest Lizard Baby Einstein Cake Photos and Tips 0

I baked this baby Einstein birthday cake for my sons 2nd birthday. He was a huge Baby Einstein fan and loved the “Blah” dragon best of all. The cakes were a 6″ stacked on top of a 10″ round. I made the dragon using Wilton’s small bear mold. It is decorated in butter cream but … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Photos 0

I followed the instructions of the other cakes on this website, THANKS (Noah and Drakes cakes specifically). This Baby Einstein caterpillar cake turned out great! I thought I would share my picture. Baby Einstein caterpillar Cake: Wilton’s Sports Ball mold, needed 3 cake mixes – did 3 different flavors (carrot, chocolate and vanilla) for variety … Read more