Coolest Caterpillar Baby Einstein Cake Photos 5

This is a perfect first birthday cake, a baby Einstein cake. I used the small circle pan that you would use for the top layer of a wedding cake, two cups of batter per pan baked for 28 minutes. I also made six cupcakes. It was about three cake mixes to make. Let them cool … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes 9

I used a Wilton 12″x18″x2″ sheet cake pan and used 3 boxes of Butter Recipe Fudge cake to bake baby Einstein caterpillar cakes. On the caterpillar I used the Wilton Sports Ball Pan and for each segment of the caterpillar I used a different flavor. Fondant was used on the eyes, antenna, mouth and cheeks. … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Cupcake Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein Cupcake Cake

It was my son’s first birthday and I decided to go with the Baby Einstein Theme for his party. Since he was having a party on a farm where you do all the set up and clean up work I decided to go with a Baby Einstein Cupcake Cake. I used Betty Crocker Cake mixes … Read more

Coolest Lion Baby Einstein Cakes 1

This cake was for our sons 2nd birthday. We used two Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Cake Mixes for our baby Einstein cakes. Made (2) 9″ cakes plus one cupcake and 2 mini cupcakes. For the mane the frosting was Betty Crocker coconut and pecan extra creamy. The face was used with Betty Crocker Caramel extra … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake Photos 2

For my sons 1st birthday, we decided to go with the Baby Einstein Theme. Instead of making a rectangle cake and buying an edible Baby Einstein cake image/topper, I decided to do something a little more creative and make the actual Baby Einstein caterpillar cake. I simply used a boxed cake mix and baked five … Read more

Coolest Caterpillar Baby Einstein Cake Photos 6

I was looking for a fast and easy way to recreate the Baby Einstein cake for my nieces second birthday party. I like to fold whipped topping into my frosting (the richness of the pure frosting is neutralized but the mixture is still somewhat stiff for piping). To make the caterpillar I used vanilla frosting. … Read more

Coolest Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cakes 10

I used Wilton sports ball pans for the body segments and cupcakes for the feet and tail for the baby Einstein caterpillar cakes. I made the 1234 cake batter and Wilton meringue frosting. These recipes were given to me from my Grandmother but I believe they can be found on the Wilton site. I used … Read more

Coolest Catepillar Cake

Caterpillar Cake

This caterpillar cake was for my kids 4 & 5 birthday party! and being a single dad for this one I wanted to make it special this year. So I created this cake and it was 7 cakes and 14 tubs of icing but they loved it! I have never made a cake like this … Read more

Awesome Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

Homemade Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake

For my son’s first birthday I found this site and was inspired by the other Baby Einstein Caterpillar cakes. This is my take on it! Two Wilton Ball pans, 5 cake mixes and 4 hours of icing. The tail and feet are halves of iced Twinkies, his antennae are Twizzlers. I drew the eyes and … Read more

Coolest Lizard Baby Einstein Cake Photos and Tips 1

For this lizard Baby Einstein cake, I baked a cake in a 9×11 pan and one in a heart-shaped pan using a vanilla cake mix. I also made a batch of rice krispie treats using a very deep pan to mold them in. Any of the yellow parts of the lizard you see are rice … Read more