Cool Homemade Monopoly Cake

Homemade Monopoly Cake

My cousin asked me to make her husband a Monopoly cake for his birthday and this is what I came up with. The man, logo, dice and game pieces are all made of fondant.

Cool Homemade Monopoly Board Cake

Homemade Monopoly Cake

I was asked to make this monopoly cake for a friend’s Class party (she’s a teacher). I made the cake using yellow cake mix (2 boxes) in the medium size square pan and all buttercream icing. The buttercream used to pipe the decoration needed to be slightly stiffer than the buttercream used to cover the … Read more

Coolest Monopoly Cake

Homemade Monopoly Cake

My son and I made this monopoly cake for a Cub Scout Father Son cake bake. He is a big monopoly fan so we decided to make a monopoly game board. The cake was made with rolled white fondant and different color fondant for the rest of the details. We had to make some of … Read more

Coolest Monopoly Board Birthday Cake

Homemade Monopoly Board Birthday Cake

This Monopoly Board Birthday Cake I made for a girlfriend’s 30th birthday surprise party. Instead of following the game exactly, I made each property personalized with something about my friend. Places she’s lived, experiences we’ve shared, likes and dislikes, pets, etc. She LOVED it! It was very personal and was a gift I was so … Read more

Coolest Monopoly Board Cake

Homemade Monopoly Board Cake

This Monopoly Board Cake was the latest cake I did, a request from my friend to do her daughter’s birthday cake, and her sister came up with the idea for a Monopoly board, with the instructions to just do the best I could. Luckily my children have a Monopoly board so I was able to … Read more

Coolest Monopoly Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Monopoly Birthday Cake Design

My mom’s favorite board game is monopoly, so I decided to make her a Monopoly Birthday Cake Design. It is half a sheet cake and was pretty easy to make. It took only 3 hours. It was just modeled after the board. We changed the name to be molopoly as a play on words for … Read more