Coolest Ninjargo Birthday Cake

Homemade Ninjargo Birthday Cake

My grandson’s birthday was coming up and he would be 8yrs. He told me that he really wanted a Ninjargo Lego Cake, so I looked on line and ended up at your site which is where I usually go for ideas. I saw a very large Lego head and thought that would be good as … Read more

Coolest Lego Ninjago Cake

Homemade  Lego Ninjago Cake

My three boys are obsessed with the new Lego Ninjago sets. Here is a cake of Kai, the red and coolest Ninja, made for my middle son’s 5th birthday. I used a vanilla cupcake recipe poured into a slab tin. To get the shape, I simply looked at a red Ninjago man and traced a … Read more