Coolest Princess Belle Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Belle Birthday Cake

I purchased two cakes boxes. Any flavor your little one desires for this Princess Belle Birthday Cake. The bottom layer is a 9 X 13 cake mold, second layer is a 6 in. round cake mold, top layer is a kiddie bowl covered in foil then wrapped with a princess ribbon around it (can purchase … Read more

The Little Mermaid Cake

Bratz Mermaid Cake

This Little Mermaid cake was created on the request of my five year old daughter who specifically wanted a Bratz Mermaid Cake. The cake mixture is the basic beat and bake Cadbury’s chocolate cake recipe and one lot of mixture was used for the doll tin (the rock) and the other lot of mixture was … Read more

Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

Homemade Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

My daughter’s 4th birthday was an “under the sea” party. She wanted a Little Mermaid Birthday Cake. This cake is a 14X11 sheet, with the hill made out of icing. Crushed graham cracker crumbs give it it’s beachy look. Our mermaid is simply a Wilton cake doll. We happened to have a “top” that fit … Read more

Cool Homemade Princess Ariel Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Princess Ariel Birthday Cake Design

This Princess Ariel Birthday Cake Design was for my 4yr old. I used a star tip 16 for the entire dress except the white part and that was a flower tip. Her top was a tip 13. I did bake an additional 8 inch cake for the bottom of the cake.

Coolest Little Mermaid Cake

Homemade Little Mermaid Cake

We baked a 12″ round Madeira cake for this Little Mermaid cake then shaved sections from it putting them back on top of the remaining cake. A butter cream filling was made not forgetting to add the all important Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract. Then we covered the cake in ivory fondant. Meanwhile we made a slab … Read more

Coolest Princess and the Frog Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess and the Frog Birthday Cake

This Princess and the Frog Birthday Cake was a cake design in demand when the film came out. The Princess was a real Mintel Tiana doll and not a pin doll, and placed in the middle of the cake, but I decided to make Prince Naveen (the frog) out of floral paste. Floral paste was … Read more

Coolest Mermaid Birthday Cake

Homemade Mermaid Birthday Cake

This homemade mermaid birthday cake was made for a fifth Birthday. All pieces are made from chocolate or fondant. Everything is edible. I used chocolate and freehand created the coral and then used sprinkles before it hardened. The “island” is a dome mold and the “sand” is a mix of brown sugar and crushed graham … Read more

Coolest Little Mermaid Cake Ideas 0

I made this Ariel cake for my nieces third birthday She loved it. After searching for the perfect Little Mermaid cake I finally found this site and got some great ideas. This is a simple butter cake recipe made in a round bowl. The doll is a bought Ariel doll but I removed her legs … Read more

Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Ideas 10

My daughter turned four three days before my twin boys turned two so we decided to have one big party. Lacey wanted an Ariel party so I decided to incorporate Sebastian and Flounder into the theme as well. I made each child their own cake. I got some ideas for the Little Mermaid birthday cake … Read more