Trash Pack Trashies Cake

This Trashies Cake is a double layer 6 inch chocolate cake, sliced and filled with chocolate butter cream, covered in grey vanilla butter cream, green slime piping gel (home made), gum paste grey trash can lid, fondant name, fish skeleton and eyes, fondant flies on spiral wire, black icing ants. Printable image of Logo, crushed Oreo’s … Read more

Coolest Trash Pack Cupcakes

Coolest Trash Pack Cupcakes

My son Sam is turning 6, and I wanted something easy this year. Something I could take along to a playcentre party. I just made a couple dozen cupcakes. I made a runnier than usual icing, that I could pipe to resemble ” poo”. Gross I know, but we are talking 6 year old boys, … Read more

Disgustingly Awesome Trash Pack Cake

Want to learn how to make the trashiest Trash Pack cake that your child will LOVE?!?! You are in the right place. I am certainly no expert and I feel like if I can do it, anyone can! So, put on your brave face and let’s do this! I did not take a lot of … Read more