Coolest Homemade Gold Christmas Cake

Homemade Christmas Cake

This Christmas Cake is one of two cakes I made for a lady who actually makes Christmas Cakes herself but said she loves my cakes so much she just had to order a couple. I don’t think anyone could receive a nicer compliment than that. I made the angels at the beginning of December to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Christmas Cake Recipe Ideas and Photos 5

I used this Christmas cake recipe to make a cake for the soldiers in my husbands unit this past Christmas. I got the idea off the internet (actually it was supposed to be a childs birthday cake). It was supposed to be smaller but I scaled it up in size so that I could feed … Read more

Coolest Christmas Scene Design

Homemade Christmas Scene Design

This Homemade Christmas Scene Design is the first ever cake scene sugarpaste models I have ever made. The ladies at work, set a challenge of bringing something in to eat for a Christmas buffet so I decided I would make a Christmas scene. The cake on the right is a normal Christmas fruitcake, fed with … Read more

Coolest Christmas Snowflake Cake

Homemade Snowflake Christmas Cake

This Christmas snowflake cake is a traditional fruit cake that I covered in marzipan, but you could use any type of cake. I then dyed fondant icing a pale turquoise colour (to resemble a glacier look) and covered the cake with it. I then brushed it with a moistened brush and dusted it with white … Read more

Cool Homemade Christmas Scene Cake

Christmas Morning Cake

I made a rich fruit cake 10ich x 10inch then cut this in half. One half made the bed and the other half I cut to make the bedside table and the presents. All the cakes have been covered in marzipan and royal icing. The presents were then wrapped in wrapping paper. I made the … Read more

Coolest Christmas House Cake

Homemade Christmas House Cake

I made this Christmas house cake using 2 cakes. I baked a 9×13 cake and the Wilton Stand-Up House pan. I trimmed out a rectangle to position the cake into. I went about 1.5″ into rectangular cake. I recommend making all accessories (such as the items listed below) prior to assembling based and house portion … Read more