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Fun Easter Egg Cake Ideas

Planning an egg hunt this holiday? Save the best one for your Easter egg cake!

The delightful custom of gathering eggs on Easter makes this a logical and fun choice for a cake.

The first step of creating an egg shaped cake is making sure you have the right shape! Many cake decorators chose to bake their cakes in a rounded shaped pan. This way you can leave the carving for the ham or lamb. Some bakers choose to hand-carve their cakes. It’s very impressive to see the end result which is often times perfectly symmetrical.

Decorating your Easter egg cake is definitely the most fun part! This is the time to chose your icing colors and let your whimsy take over. You’ll see traditional pastel color palettes as well as brighter non-traditional hues.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Share your cake creativity here…