Cutest Homemade Easter Bunny Cake With Jellybeans

Homemade Easter Bunny Cake

This Easter bunny cake was my first Easter cake that I made. It was a little hard doing the ears and the bowtie but I did it. I got the idea for this Easter Bunny Cake off of this site! Making the colors was fun. I made two cakes this was my first one. I … Read more

Adorable Homemade 2D Easter Bunny Cake

Homemade Easter Bunny Cake

I got the idea for this Easter bunny cake off of this site! It was very simple to make. I just mixed up a box of marble cake mix and baked it in two 9′ round cake pans. One of the cakes I kept round (for the face) and the other I cut the two … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basket-Shaped Easter Cakes and How-To Tips 6

This is an Easter basket cupcake cake made from 20 cupcakes. I used buttercream icing and iced across all the cupcakes like a regular cake. (The icing doesnt fall between don’t worry.) Then I did a basket weave for the basket, I used fondant for the ribbon roses and the ribbon on the basket and … Read more

Cute Homemade Easter Bunny Cake With Marshmallow Bunnies

Homemade Easter Bunny Cake

This Easter Bunny Cake is a peppermint angel food cake. The cake inside is pink and white marbled. The glaze is peppermint flavor and I finely crushed up peppermint candy and sprinkled it on the wet glaze. This really makes it sparkle. Then I just stuck the marshmallow bunnies and whole peppermints alternately around the … Read more

Cutest Homemade 2D Carved Easter Bunny Cake

Homemade Easter Bunny Cake

I won third prize with this Easter Bunny Cake. Just a regular cake mix (two round cakes) with butter cream icing and some imagination. Was easy. It’s always easier to ice the cake if you put in the freezer for a bit first. On top of the icing I sprinkled it with coconut. Made for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Easter Bunny Cake Ideas and Photos 7

After just buying my first icing decorating kit I decided to test it out on an Easter bunny cake for the family. I used a round spring form pan to bake a simple cake mix and iced the cake with buttercream white icing. I saved some of the icing to use for the bunny itself, … Read more

Coolest Eggster Cake

Homemade  Eggster Cake

I made this Easter Basket cake for our Easter egg hunt. Three days in advanced I made the basket handle, bow and yellow flowers. Mixing the Wilton Gum paste with Brown coloring for the handle, and 1/2 Wilton gum paste with my 1/2 home-made fondant and then added yellow coloring for the bow and flowers. … Read more

Easter Bunny Basket Cake

Easter Bunny Basket

The Easter basket cake was made from a white cake mix that I extended with extra flour, sugar, sour cream, etc. It was baked in two 9″ round pans. The cakes were leveled for an even surface, then torted and filled to create a higher cake. I began to hollow out some of the top … Read more

Easy Homemade Easter Bunny Cake

Homemade Easter Bunny Cake

Our family has done bunny cakes for over 40 years. My 19 year old daughter took over the Easter Bunny cake decorating duties this year. We have always made a carrot cake in honor of the Easter Bunny. My 22 year old daughter made the carrot cake from scratch. She made the comment ” I … Read more

Coolest Bunny Cake

Homemade Bunny Cake

My niece is celebrating her 11th birthday this year. When I asked what kind of cake she wanted, she simply said “bunnies in a hill.” Now…I’m scratching my head; is this a new show that I’m unaware of, is it a new game, a new book? No, she just likes bunnies on hills. Ok. I’m … Read more

Coolest Homemade Easter Bunny Cake Ideas and Photos 8

This Easter bunny cake turned out as cute as a button and was very easy to make. First, I baked two rolls of chocolate chip cookie dough in the bottom of the 1998 bunny shaped Wilton pan. As it was cooling, I got all the colors ready that I wanted to use on the cake. … Read more

Coolest Chocolate Easter Egg Cake

Homemade Chocolate Easter Egg Cake

I made this Chocolate Easter Egg cake for Easter dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. I used Wilton’s Easter Egg pan and a 2-layer boxed banana cake mix. I used chocolate frosting (chocolate & banana-yum) and at the last minute decided to use Wilton’s ready-to-use fondant that comes in packs of 4 colors. I only used … Read more

Cool Homemade Basket-Weave Easter Basket Cake

Homemade Easter Basket Cake

This Easter basket cake was designed for my Nephew’s first Birthday. I started with three cakes, which I used packet mixes and colored pink, lilac and yellow and sandwiched these together with buttercream. I found a great recipe for buttercream on the Wilton’s website. I used the High Humidity Icing recipe, as I was afraid … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Bunny Birthday Cake

Homemade Bunny Birthday Cake

I made this Bunny Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday, which happened to fall on Easter. The 3D cake pan I used was from Williams Sanoma. My first practice cake, I only used one cake mix, and the ears didn’t turn out complete, so for the final product I used 1 1/2 cake mix. … Read more

Cute Homemade Bunny Birthday Cake

Homemade Bunny Birthday Cake

This Bunny birthday cake is a twist on the classic bunny pattern. We’ve turned the bow tie into a hair bow. Perfect for the birthday GIRL! Our little bunny wanted her all in pink. We used pink sugar crystals for her face and ears. We used jelly beans for her hair bow. To make the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Easter Bunny Cake Ideas and Photos 9

This Easter bunny cake is made from homemade butter cream icing colored various colors. The grass of the Easter cake was created with a small leaf tip (#66). The bunny fur was achieved with tip (#233). The basket was found at a local craft store, including jellybeans and various eater candies. The bunny was made … Read more

Coolest Easter Egg Cake

Homemade Easter Egg Cake

Each year I make a number of Easter eggs to give to friends and family. The pan(s) that I use are actually the copper colored jello-type molds that were popular some years ago. Each pan holds 1/2 cake mix, so I am fortunate to own two, which allows me to bake two at one time. … Read more

Cute Homemade Easter Basket and Flowers Cake

Homemade Easter Basket Cake

I was anxious to try some new tips. I had seen a similar Easter basket cake advertised at a Big named ice cream store. I had a basic idea of what kinds of flower to use on the cakes. I did go through the internet and materials. I had to learn the Daffodil and Pansie. … Read more

Cool Homemade Bunny Cake Idea

Homemade Bunny Cake Idea

This is a Bunny Cake Idea I made for my niece. All I used was 2 circle pans. A pan was used for the face and the other was used for the ears and bowtie. I covered it with buttercream frosting and then I layered it with a marshmallow fondant.

Coolest Bunnies by the Bay Cake

Homemade Bunnies by the Bay Cake

I was trying to come up with a cake idea for my son’s 2nd birthday and make it special and relevant like all cakes should be. I realized my son’s most prized belonging is his Bunnies by the Bay bunny blanket, which he calls “Bun-Bun”. So at the last minute I found the perfect cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Easter Basket Cake with Flowers and Eggs

Homemade Easter Egg Cake

This Easter Egg cake was very easy to make and turned out great! Perfect for Easter or in fact pretty much any occasion if you replace the eggs for any other sweet/chocolate. I used two round sandwich tins and used a Devils food cake mix as well as a chocolate fudge cake frosting. Once the … Read more

Coolest Easter Basket Cake

Homemade Easter Basket Cake

I decided a year ago I wanted to make my 2 girls a Princess Birthday Castle; since then I have been making cakes for every occasion and party to get good for the Castle cake. I didn’t start out so well, I have never taken any classes, but through watching video online and reading TONS … Read more