Little Johnny the Friendly Ghost Cake

I created this adorable little Johnny the friendly ghost cake guy for my son’s preschool class. I boldly volunteered for room mom duties and Halloween is the first class celebration of the new school year, so I had to create something everyone would love. How better to get your name out there and attract new … Read more

Coolest Ghost Cake

Homemade Ghosts Cake

I always like to make a cake for each holiday. Last year, for Halloween I made this ghost cake with ghosts going for a walk. I used a boxed cake mix and even canned icing. The border of the cake is made from candy corn, so each different area was separated. On the left side … Read more

Fun Homemade Ghost Cake

Homemade Ghost Cake

I cooked 3 cakes for this ghost cake: 2 chocolate and one vanilla (in the middle). The top round cake is cooked in Wilton’s half ball shaped tray. All fondant here is homemade marshmallow fondant. I used kebob sticks to keep 3 cakes together and there is chocolate icing in between cakes and on the … Read more

Coolest Halloween Ghost Birthday Cake

Homemade Halloween Ghost Birthday Cake

This Halloween Ghost Birthday Cake was my son’s very 1st Halloween Birthday cake. I wanted something different and unique. It was a three tier cake with buttercream frosting because I am not fond of fondant. It turned out perfect. The small pumpkins around the cake are actuall made of fondant, so they are edible.

Coolest Trick or Treater in Ghost Costume Cake

Homemade Trick or Treater in Ghost Costume Cake

I made this Homemade Trick or Treater in Ghost Costume Cake to look like a little girl dressed up as a ghost. The ghost costume is meant to look like a sheet with eye holes cut out. I used 2 round cakes and one metal mixing bowl and frosted with buttercream in between each layer. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ghost Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

I made this ghost cake from a 9×13 red velvet cake that I baked. I carefully cut out the shape of the ghost and with the leftover pieces of cake I made the Happy Halloween cakes next to the ghost. I first frosted the cake with a store bought buttercream icing and then I tinted … Read more

Coolest Ghost Teddybear Cake

Homemade Ghost Teddybear Cake

This is the Wilton 3D stand up teddy bear pan. I frosted it and rolled out and applied the fondant “sheet”. I trimmed around the ears and draped around the feet. Then I piped hair for the fur that shows and made the eyes out fondant and piped around them for details. I also made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ghost Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

I really love this ghost cake for its originality and simplicity at the same time. I used the tip #16 for the stars and used it also for the side of the cake. I used tip #3 for the spider web. I also wrote the name with a Halloween style… :-)

Coolest Ghost Train Cake

Ghost Train Cake

I made this ghost train cake for my son’s school Halloween party. I made 2 large rectangle cakes, the 1st one was cut in half and placed on top of each other, then carved out the shape of a ghost. The left over cake from this was used to make the Haunted Tunnel. The 2nd … Read more

Coolest Trick Or Treat Cake

Trick or Treat Cake

My daughter’s birthday is in October so we always do a Halloween cake. Here is a ghost trick or treat cake I did for her 5th birthday.

Easy Homemade Ghost Cake

Ghost Cake

I used a ghost pan I purchased off eBay. Used regular cake mix from the box. Once baked I let cool and when ready I just frosted sides with spatula, smoothed it out and on top and used the star tip. It takes a bit but it comes out pretty cute, I’ve had a couple … Read more

Simple Homemade Halloween Ghost Cake

Halloween Ghost Cake

I made this Halloween ghost cake for a party for some body I knew. I made a 10 inch square tin sponge cake from scratch, Victoria sponge recipe with jam and cream in the middle. Put green butter cream in and strawberry jam then I covered it with moulding icing. I drew a ghost in … Read more

Coolest Haunted Halloween Ghost Cake

Homemade Haunted Halloween Ghost Cake

My daughter’s birthday is 2 days before Halloween. She always wants a cake that has something to do with the holiday. Her party was basically a celebration of fall: scary stories, costumes, hayride, leaves to jump in, gorry foods and of course, a scary cake! This Haunted Halloween Ghost Cake is just a layered cake … Read more

Simple Homemade Ghost Cake

Homemade Ghost Cake

This ghost cake was for a 2 year old’s birthday party so the face needed to be “Happy”! I used a double chocolate cake recipe for this size cake pan. I used the Wilton buttercream recipe for the icing and doubled that also. The icing was colored with gel and the face of the ghost … Read more

Coolest Ghost and Pumpkin Cake

Homemade Ghost and Pumpkin Cake

I made this Ghost and Pumpkin Cake for my sons’ 8th birthday which had a Halloween theme. The bottom was made using two bunt cakes (both colored orange) that I put on top of each other with frosting and dowels between them to create the “pumpkin” shape. I then frosted it orange. I made the … Read more

Cool Homemade Halloween Birthday Cakes

Homemade Halloween Birthday Cake

This Halloween Birthday Cake is a butter and chocolate 5 layers cake with raspberry filling and butter cream icing covered in home made fondant. The mouse and candy corn are fondant, everything is edible except the spiders. I just stacked two 8 inch square cakes side by side with a cupcake on top for the … Read more

Easy Homemade Halloween Ghost Cupcake Cake

Homemade Halloween Ghost Cake

For this Halloween Ghost Cake I used 32 cupcakes and I used 2 boxes of yellow cake and 2 things of icing you may need it depends on size and how many people. Then once all the cupcakes have cooled then you ice each one of them then you make the shape of your ghost. … Read more

Coolest Halloween Ghost Cake

Not So Scary Ghosts!

This Halloween ghost cake was so easy! I started out with a yellow cake mix (shhhh! don’t tell!). I customized the box mix by tinting half of the batter a frightening shade of “witchy skin” green, and the remaining batter purple. Next, I filled muffin tins lined with Halloween themed cupcake paper liners with half … Read more