Coolest Monster Cake + Monster Cupcakes

Homemade Monster Cake + Monster Cupcakes

I created this silly Monster Cake + Monster Cupcakes for my daughter’s 3rd birthday! This cake was made from two 6″ cakes (each cut in half to make 4 layers) and I used one half of a ball cake pan for the top of the head. I used yellow cake and a milk chocolate cream … Read more

Coolest Halloween Fondant Cake

Homemade Halloween Fondant Cake

I decided to try to make a cake for the 1st time in my entire life. I have been watching so many cake shows I wanted to try fondant. I made 2 round (Duncan Hines moist and delicious red velvet) cakes of different sizes. Sorry, can’t remember the exact cake sizes, but I think it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Halloween Cake Ideas and Photos 7

For this cake I made a sponge cake in a pudding bowl plus a round sponge which is at least 1′ wider in diameter (to make the cauldron lip). I cut a circle out of the centre of the round cake and fitted it on top of the pudding bowl cake to make a cauldron … Read more

Coolest Topsy Turvey Halloween Birthday

Homemade Topsy Turvey Halloween Birthday

This two layer Topsy Turvey Halloween Birthday is covered in homemade fondant and topped with a Wilton Haunted Gingerbread house. Each layer is actually two cakes with Strawberry preserve filling, frosted with buttercream icing and then covered in the fondant. All decorations on the cake are completely edible and are made of fondant, candy, sugar … Read more

Cool Homemade Halloween Birthday Cake With Graveyard

Homemade Halloween Birthday Cake

This Halloween birthday cake was my favorite cake to make! My daughter’s birthday is a couple of days before Halloween and she wanted a Halloween party. So I used to watch the cake challenges all the time and the Halloween cakes where on. In the challenges they used hard candy so I wanted to use … Read more

Coolest Homemade Halloween Cake Ideas and Photos 8

I found the idea for this Halloween cake on this site for pumpkin cakes and for Teddy bear cakes, put the two together and came up with this cake. The pumpkin is made of rolled fondant and the bear is covered with Tip 16 stars. My son ate one ear off this cake… I was … Read more

Coolest Spooky Birthday Cake 38

Homemade Spooky Birthday Cake

My granddaughter decided she wanted a spooky party and asked me to make her a spooky birthday cake. I made 2 chocolate log tin cakes layered on top of each other. I then cut the roof section sloping back and front then iced it with purple butter icing. I cut up flat licorice into tiles … Read more

Cool Homemade Halloween Cake Design

Homemade Halloween Cake Design

This Halloween Cake Design was made by myself for a local youth group who had organized a party for the children in the area. The ideas came from talks held by myself and the youth team. The pumpkin cake was made from two sponges baked in pudding basins and filled with butter cream dyed grey … Read more

Coolest Witch Cauldron Birthday Cake

Homemade  Witch Cauldron Birthday Cake

I devised this Witch Cauldron Birthday Cake using some ideas I picked up off the internet and using some of my own as well: Equipment used (I am a complete amateur so please excuse me if the terms aren’t 100% correct!): Cake 1 x Kugelhopf cake tin – 25cm or 10″ diameter at the widest … Read more

Cool Homemade Gory Halloween Birthday Cake

Homemade Halloween Birthday Cake

I made this Halloween Birthday Cake for my boss’s son. It was a lot of fun straying away from the typical birthday cake. I hope to make a bigger, “grosser” cake this year. So glad I know someone with a Halloween birthday!

Coolest Homemade Halloween Cake Ideas and Photos 10

I used two different sized pans for this Halloween cake – one large round pan and then a smaller round pan. I used red velvet cake and the frosting is Pure White Rolled Fondant. I bought some plastic flies and rubbery cockroaches that looked very real and put them on top of the Halloween cake … Read more

Cool Homemade 2 Tiered Halloween Cake

Homemade Halloween Cake

This Halloween Cake is a 2 tiered chocolate cake with Chocolate Ganashe frosting. The ghosts are made out of white chocolate and the spider webs are sugar and water with a bit of corn syrup brought to a hard ball temp with a candy thermometer, then drizzled on to parchment paper to resemble spider webs … Read more

Coolest Monster House Cake

Monster House Cake

Believe it or not, I had the idea for a Monster House cake long before the movie came out. We have entered the Halloween cake contest at our local Elementary school every year for about the past 12 years and have won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place every year except for one. This cake won … Read more