Coolest House of Horrors Cake

Homemade House of Horrors Cake

I needed to top my Choc-Roach cake from last year (2008)for my office Halloween Carry-in. I decided to build a Homemade House of Horrors Cake, which morphed into a torture chamber. It’s constructed of vanilla creme wafers, held together with melted chocolate. The turrets are two kinds of ice cream cones, also coated in chocolate … Read more

Coolest Creepy Halloween Cake

Homemade Creepy Halloween Cake

I made this Homemade Creepy Halloween Cake for my friend’s husband who wanted a creepy Halloween cake for his birthday. The cake consist of two cakes, the base is made from a chocolate mud cake covered with ganache, the skull was a white choc mud cake covered with fondant. I made the skull itself using … Read more

Coolest Halloween Haunted Castle Cake

Homemade Halloween Haunted Castle Cake

I thought I would make a cake for Halloween. I made this Homemade Halloween Haunted Castle Cake by first making a 8 inch round sponge which I then covered with fondant. I mixed a little purple gel colour into the fondant and mixed it until it had a marble effect. I then made three Swiss … Read more

Coolest Homemade Haunted House Cake Ideas and Photos 2

This haunted house cake won first prize at our workplace Halloween event. I used two cake mixes and three containers of icing. The house was hand made from graham crackers and homemade icing tinted grey. The gravestones and coffin (in the back) is just a simple sugar cookie recipe. I used chocolate covered pretzels for … Read more

Coolest Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Cake

This pumpkin cake is two bundt cakes put together. I used a pound cake because they are dense enough to stand up to the heavy frosting. I made chocolate buttercream frosting for under the fondant. I used MM fondant in orange, green, brown and black. The stem is a granola bar in half wrapped in … Read more

Coolest Pumpkin Cake Idea

Homemade  Pumpkin Cake Idea

I used a simple bunt pan, 2 layers, 1 box for each layer. I used Wilton’s icing for crumb coating. I used Wilton’s fondant and colored it orange. I added some color spray to add a more orange color. I piped the leaves and vines and used crushed gram crackers around the bottom of the … Read more

Coolest Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Cake

Since my son’s birthday falls two days after Halloween we decided to combine his 2nd birthday party with our plans to have friends over to go trick or treating together. I decided a pumpkin cake would be a fun idea. I made two pound cakes in a bundt pan. Since I only have one bundt … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pumpkin Cake Recipe Ideas 1

This cake was actually easy to make! It is two bundt cakes on top of each other. The bottom one is upside down. I made homemade buttercream icing or you can use canned icing. It turns out the same. Put icing in between layers and all over top and sides. The stem is an ice … Read more

Skull Cake

Caution 21!

I made this skull cake for my boyfriend’s 21st birthday. He is really into skulls and has a dark sense of humor. Inside the cake is one box of fun-fetti and one box of devils food. The filling is chocolate ganache. I made the ganache with semi-sweet chips, heavy cream, butter and Kahlua liquor. I … Read more

Coolest Skull Bride Cake Design

Homemade  Skull Bride Cake Design

My 7 year old niece is really into Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)…and Princesses….and corpse brides…..and well, bones in general. She wanted all of this at her 7th birthday in January thus the Skull Bride Cake Design. I used a skull cake pan and added the roses for a princess feel and … Read more

Coolest Jack Skellington Birthday Cake

Homemade Jack Skellington Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Jack Skellington Birthday Cake just this past October (2010) for my son’s 10th birthday on the 21st, though we celebrated on the 23rd so we could hold the party on a Saturday. With a birthday so close to Halloween it’s no surprise his birthday parties for the last 4 years have … Read more

Coolest Jack Skellington Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

This is a Jack Skellington cake made with a Cherry Chip cake with vanilla frosting. I made two 9″ round cakes, staked them and frosted with the vanilla frosting. To achieve a smooth surface I got my frosting spreader really hot and smoothed over any bumps. For the black areas I used a black frosting … Read more