Coolest Evil Skull Birthday Cake

Homemade Evil Skull Birthday Cake

I started out this Evil Skull Birthday Cake by mixing up my own Red Velvet cake; I thought it was appropriate for this cake. With this cake pan you must spray with Pam and then coat with flour. The cake comes in 2 sections which have to be assembled. The backs of each cake half … Read more

Coolest Red Sox Skull Cake

Red Sox Skull Cake

My son has an October birth date, so this year he wanted a Halloween/Red Sox skull cake. This is what I came up with. I thought it turned out kind of neat. I was extremely rushed so the decorating is a little sloppy. I used store bought dark chocolate fudge cake mix with creamy white … Read more

Cool Homemade Skull & Crossbones Birthday Cake

Homemade Skull & Crossbones Birthday Cake

We are a family run business – (Wee Tait Catering), and we were asked to create a Homemade Skull & Crossbones Birthday Cake for a birthday party. We decided to make the design of the skull funny rather than scary. I found it easier to use an oblong tray and then create a cut out … Read more

Free Cake Decorating Idea for a Skull-Shaped Cake 1

The King is made up of 63 hand crafted cookies in the shapes of bones. The skull is baked from cookies on a dowel and assembled with royal icing. All cookies are decorated with fondant. The cake is a full sheet pan size. Cut to square. Then the remainder is cut to 2 more squares … Read more

Creepy Homemade Skull Cake

Homemade Skull Cake

I made this Skull cake for a friend’s Halloween party. It consisted of a few round cakes, stacked and then sculpted, with slightly yellow tinged icing, black food colouring in the eyes, nose and mouth, and a generous sprinkling of chocolate cookie crumbs, chocolate rocks, and gummy worms.

Free Cake Decorating Idea for a Skull-Shaped Cake 2

I made this friendly girly skull cake for my nieces 12th birthday. Shes a little eclectic yet feminine (much like her aunt) and I wanted to make her a cake that reflected that. This is a two layer round. All I did was trim off small sections from the bottom to create the skull shape. … Read more

Skull and Crossbones Cake

Skull and Crossbone Cake

This Skull cake is a great cake for any Pirate fan. This was my five year old son’s choice of cake this year. Nice easy design and only two colors of icing. How simple can you get?

Coolest Skull and Cross Bones Cake

Homemade Skull and Cross Bones Cake

I made 50 cupcakes and a 6″ smash cake for a friend’s daughter’s fifth birthday. I made 25 strawberry mix cupcakes, 25 chocolate mix cupcakes, and the 6″ smash cake was strawberry. I tied black, pink and white ribbon into bows around each cupcake liner. I made homemade buttercream icing with the C&H Sugar recipe. … Read more

Free Cake Decorating Idea for a Skull-Shaped Cake 3

This is a free cake decorating idea that I made for my daughters grade 7 Halloween party. It was a big hit. I used a star tip for the rest of the head. With the chocolate frosting I drew outlines on the face to make everything pop. The spider was made out of a chocolate … Read more