Cool Homemade Pumpkin Cake Ideas

Coolest Pumpkin Cake Ideas, Photos and How-To Tips

I made this pumpkin cake for the fall cake raffle at my kid’s school. I used the Wilton Pumpkin Cake Pan. I used two packages of vanilla cake mix. I used prepared Butter cream icing and added orange coloring. Iced the whole cake and then used a black tube icing that I bought to detail … Read more

Coolest Homemade US Flag Patriotic Cakes

Coolest Patriotic Cakes, Photos and How-To Tips

This was a July 4th cake. One has to make patriotic cakes on this date so this is what I made. It was eight layers high and had a sugar cookie base. The whole cake was iced in white and starred with red and blue. Those are red hots around the brim. I wanted to … Read more

Coolest Easter Basket Cake 2013

Coolest Easter Basket Cake

I made a basket cake for our Easter celebration in the church. I imagine this cake to look like a real basket so I decided to make the base color to be brown and since I like the pink color I put a little touch of pink color on it. I used the whipped cream … Read more

Coolest Easter Calla Lilly Cake

I have wanted to make gum paste calla lilies since I made only one from cake decorating class last July. Easter is here and here they are in multiple colors too! I wanted them in different colors since Easter has bright colors. I started making these about three days prior to Easter and a few were made the night … Read more

Coolest Homemade Graduation Cap Cake With Pencils and Diploma

I wanted to make my daughter a special cake for her graduation from university. This is the graduation cake I ended up with. I covered the cake board with white and brown marbelled icing to represent wood. I made a dome shaped Madeira cake and covered it in black icing. I then covered a square cake … Read more

Coolest Wreath Cake with How-To Instructions

Coolest Wreath Cake

It was my husband’s aunt’s birthday and Christmas party on the same day so I made this wreath cake to serve 12 adults. It was a little warm that day (which is not unusual being in Hawaii) so I know my butter cream frosting will hold up to the humid weather. I found a Swiss meringue butter cream frosting … Read more

Cool Rockin’ Robin Christmas Cake

This Rockin’ Robin is my favorite Christmas Cake I’ve made. I think I’ve got better as each year goes by (you should’ve seen my first 2 attempts)! Each year, my Mum bakes the fruit cakes and she gives one to me. It’s a tradition that we ice them together and I always look forward to this time. So, I just leveled off … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monkey Graduation Cake

Homemade Graduation Cake

This homemade graduation cake was made for a friend’s daughter’s graduation… she loves monkeys. I made the monkey out of rice krispie treats, as well as the basketball. I then covered them with fondant. The books are red velvet cake (each double layered) covered with buttercream and fondant… everything else on the cake is fondant … Read more

Coolest Bridal Flower Cake

Bridal Flower Cake

I love flowers. I don’t use cutters or templates (not that those are bad), I just try to see what I can do with very little tools. Anyway, thank you for looking.

Coolest Heart Shaped Box Cake

Homemade Heart Shaped Box Cake

The homemade heart shaped box cake is two 12” heart, dark chocolate, cakes. The cakes were covered in cream cheese icing. A cut-out was formed to make the indentation of the box in a heart shape, then covered with one large piece of pink fondant, colored from Wilton’s white pre-rolled fondant. A large piece of … Read more

Coolest Me to You Teddy Bears Cake

Homemade Me to You Teddy Bears Cake

I did this Me to You Teddy Bears Cake for a girl who is a great fan of the Me to You teddy bears. First of all I did the bears two days beforehand so that they would dry up. I made two sugarpaste balls one on top of each other and attached the arms, … Read more

Coolest Two-in-One Christmas Cake

2 in 1 Christmas Cake

I decorated  this Christmas cake for the last year holiday season. A rich fruit cake made by my English aunt was the base for the two options of this cake. I covered the top with royal icing -for the snowed scenery- and stuck a fence and some decorative christmas trees near the edges. Then I … Read more