Coolest USA Map Cake

Homemade  USA Map Cake

I made this USA Map Cake to look like a map of the USA for my map-obsessed son’s 4th birthday. I found an old Wilton cake pan (circa 1982) on eBay…but if you don’t have one, it would not be too hard to cut out your own USA shape with a knife. Step 1: Bake … Read more

Coolest Chicken Dinner Cake

Homemade Chicken Dinner Cake

We were asked to create a 21st birthday cake for somebody who eats nothing but chicken. This is how we created our Chicken Dinner Cake:- We cooked 2 x 10” square orange flavoured Madeira cakes. We cut them in half horizontally and filled them with lemon butter cream. We then stacked them on top of … Read more

Coolest Turkey Cake

Homemade Turkey Cake

This turkey cake is really simple. I just baked a 9-inch round dense chocolate cake, then covered it with buttercream icing which I colored yellow. I then cut out fondant in layers to create the turkey, using cookie cutters of various round shapes. The turkey feathers I drew a template for, and then cut around. … Read more

Coolest Jack Cake

Homemade Jack Cake

This Jack Cake is the birthday cake my sister made me for my 21st birthday! I personally think she did an amazing job, seeing as Jack is my fave character in the world!! I’m really happy with how it turned out! The top layer of the cake was chocolate (YUM!) and the bottom vanilla and … Read more

Coolest Jack Skellington Birthday Cake

Homemade Jack Skellington Birthday Cake

We didn’t need that big of a cake for my son’s birthday, so the part of this that is cake is Jack’s head. The rest was hand drawn by me. If it would have been for a larger gathering I would have done the base on a half sheet cake. Chocolate cake with homemade buttercream … Read more

Coolest Jack Skellington Cake Photos and How-To Tips 3

My son was obsessed with Nightmare before Christmas so for his 5th birthday he wanted a NBC party (not an easy theme). I made this Jack Skellington cake by (a) making a round cake and frosting it white then (b) making a 13×9 cake and also frosting it white. Basically, it very much looked like … Read more