Coolest Air Force Emblem Cake

Air Force Emblem Cake

I made this Air Force emblem cake when my husband tested Master Sargent in the Air Force. He did not make Msgt, but others in his Shop did so we still took it for the celebration. I had no pan, I just winged it on the shape from pictures I had of the actual stripes. … Read more

Cool Homemade Patriotic Birthday Cake

Red, White & Blue Stars Forever

I was asked to do a patriotic birthday cake for a person having her 75th birthday, which happens to be on the 4th of July. The plate takes away from the cake a bit, but I think it was still cute. We made the cake in a star cake pan. We frosted it with white … Read more

Coolest Homemade 4th of July Cake for a BBQ

Homemade 4th of July Cake

I got this idea for a 4th of July Cake from a blog. I decided to give it a try for a BBQ with friends. I must say at first it looked really hard and did not think I could make but let me reassure you it is quite easy. I wish I could say … Read more

Coolest South Korea Birthday Cake

Homemade South Korea Birthday Cake

I made this Chocolate Mousse Birthday Cake for my Auntie Jee-Hee. She is from South Korea, so I decorated the cake using the South Korean flag and “happy birthday” in Korean. I made a classic chocolate sponge cake, which I cut into three thin layers after cooling. For the filling I made a French dark … Read more

Coolest Sgt Major Cake

Homemade Sgt. Major Cake

This is a USMC Sergeant Major Chevron Cake that I made for a friend who recently got promoted and was having a party. It’s a full marbled sheet cake trimmed down to the correct size. The icing is buttercream made with half almond extract and half clear imitation vanilla. I did the red stripes first … Read more

Coolest Patriotic Birthday Cake

Homemade Patriotic Birthday Cake

I made this Patriotic birthday cake for my niece’s birthday. They asked for a red, white and blue theme since it was close to fourth of July. I made a 2 layer 10 inch cake and a 2 layer 8 inch cake both chocolate. I filled it with buttercream and covered them both with mmf. … Read more

Coolest American Flag-Shaped 4th of July Cakes 0

My husband is in the Army and while we were stationed overseas we had a party to celebrate the 4th of July. I was asked to make the 4th of July cakes and came up with this design. The cake was baked in an 11×15 pan. I then iced it with butter cream icing, dyed … Read more

Coolest Red Neck Birthday Cake

Homemade Red Neck Birthday Cake

I made this Redneck Birthday cake for my sister because she is the most redneck girl I know. It was Texas-shaped and draped with a confederate flag, all in fondant.

Coolest Air Force Cake

Homemade Air Force Cake

This air force cake I made for a family friend who was soon to be leaving to the air force. His mother wanted something partiotic so I thought the flag was the most patriotic thing I could think of. The cake itself is a vanilla chocolate chip cake with a vanilla buttercream, baked on a … Read more

Coolest Memorial Day Cake

Homemade Memorial Day Cake

This is a yellow cake with chocolate icing adorned by a pair of combat boots draped with the American Flag. The flag is a full 13 stripe / 50 star flag. I made this to celebrate the sacrifice that our service men and women have made for our freedom. We had the veterans cut the … Read more

Coolest State Of California Cake 6

Homemade State Of California Cake

My 12 year old daughter needed a cake for her project on the State of California. I decided to carve the shape of California out of two 9×13 sheet cakes (used two boxes of cake mix per 9×13 pan so they were fairly tall). I iced it with buttercream icing and sprayed the green areas … Read more

Coolest Patriot Cake

Homemade Patriot Cake

I was asked to make a cake for the cake walk at my niece’s school carnival. Their mascot is a patriot and I wanted to make something that really stood out from the rest. I baked a large bakers sheet cake (2 cake mixes) the night before. As I do with all cakes I need … Read more

Coolest American Flag-Shaped 4th of July Cakes 2

This is just a 1/4-sheet cake iced with buttercream. My father-in-laws birthday party was held on Flag Day and he is very patriotic so I thought I’d do a flag. It’s one of those easy and quick to make 4th of july cakes. I made thirteen stripes and fifty stars. The stripes are just zigzags … Read more

Coolest Islands Of Fiji Cake

Islands of Fiji Cake

I first printed off a map of the Fiji Islands from Wikipedia. Since there are over 300 islands, I decided to just do the 2 biggest ones. I baked a 9×13 cake and a 9 in. round cake. I covered the board with aluminum foil and sprayed it with blue color mist. If I did … Read more