Coolest Patriot Cake

Homemade Patriot Cake

I was asked to make a cake for the cake walk at my niece’s school carnival. Their mascot is a patriot and I wanted to make something that really stood out from the rest. I baked a large bakers sheet cake (2 cake mixes) the night before. As I do with all cakes I need … Read more

Coolest American Flag-Shaped 4th of July Cakes 2

This is just a 1/4-sheet cake iced with buttercream. My father-in-laws birthday party was held on Flag Day and he is very patriotic so I thought I’d do a flag. It’s one of those easy and quick to make 4th of july cakes. I made thirteen stripes and fifty stars. The stripes are just zigzags … Read more

Coolest Islands Of Fiji Cake

Islands of Fiji Cake

I first printed off a map of the Fiji Islands from Wikipedia. Since there are over 300 islands, I decided to just do the 2 biggest ones. I baked a 9×13 cake and a 9 in. round cake. I covered the board with aluminum foil and sprayed it with blue color mist. If I did … Read more

Coolest Edible Monument Memorial Day Cake

Homemade Edible Monument Memorial Day Cake

My husband and his friends just returned back from a year long overseas deployment right before Memorial day. I felt that creating the coolest Memorial day cake, would be a good way for me to show my gratitude and appreciation for the soldiers. I am very proud of my husband and his battle buddies for … Read more

Coolest 4th of July Cake Idea

Homemade 4th of July Cake Idea

I made a flag cake for my son’s Great Grandfather. He loves anything with flags on it. It is a 9×13 cake but it is 2 layers so you will need to make 2 cake mixes. The cake is chocolate and the frosting is vanilla and I just colored it. I had to add 6 … Read more

Coolest American Flag-Shaped 4th of July Cakes 3

This is an easy cake to do. Stripes are fruit roll ups. Blue square here is butter cream icing, but you could also use blue fondant. Then pipe on stars or use white candies. A variety of cookie cutters used to make these patriotic cookies. Foose Cookie Cutters website has USA cutter and one for … Read more

Coolest Map Cake

Homemade Darwin's Map Cake

This map cake was to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. (Yes it’s a science geek thing). The cake is vanilla cappuccino (you can make a buttercream icing but add a bunch of espresso instead of milk or cream to get an incredible flavor). To get the map (which is a map of the route that … Read more

Coolest Patriotic Cake Design

Homemade Patriotic Cake Design

This is a Patriotic Cake Design I made for a friend’s daughter’s birthday/8th grade graduation party. It’s 2 10″ chocolate fudge cakes with fudge filling, then a 6″ cake, layered with fudge filling also. I covered both layers in white marshmallow fondant. Then decorated it with stars and stripes, and handsculpted firecrackers, also all made … Read more

Coolest American Flag-Shaped 4th of July Cakes 4

This was a single-layer 9×13 yellow cake iced in white butter cream. I outlined the flag shape in black and filled it in with red and blue. The white stars on the flag are small sugar sequins’. Red and blue butter cream ‘fireworks’ on top and red and blue fondant stars on the side completed … Read more

Coolest Scrambled States of America Cake

Homemade Scrambled States of America Cake

My two sons’ favorite book is the Scrambled States of America. This Scrambled States of America Cake is their most recent birthday cake. The cake is covered with homemade buttercream and homemade marshmallow fondant. The decorations were done freehand are made out of royal icing (dried on wax paper for three days). I attached them … Read more

Coolest 4th of July Birthday Cake

Homemade 4th of July Birthday Cake

With 4th of July coming around I felt I needed a cake to celebrate the United States birthday! This 4th of July Birthday Cake was prepared in two steps. On day one I prepared two boxes of Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix and baked it at 350 degrees in the oven for one hour … Read more

Coolest American Flag-Shaped 4th of July Cakes 5

I made this cake for a farewell party.  I traced out a stencil on wax paper, then re-traced with piping gel and placed on frosted cake.  For cake decorations I piped in no. 16 stars for the Ukrainian flag and poles.  I used a rose tip for the USA stripes and standard butter cream icing.

Coolest USA Map Cake

Homemade  USA Map Cake

I made this USA Map Cake to look like a map of the USA for my map-obsessed son’s 4th birthday. I found an old Wilton cake pan (circa 1982) on eBay…but if you don’t have one, it would not be too hard to cut out your own USA shape with a knife. Step 1: Bake … Read more