Coolest Homemade Valentine Cakes and How-To Tips 11

Buttercream roses and heart-shaped jelly candies decorate this heart-shaped cake.  Use a spatula to smooth the cakes surface. The textured swirly imprinted surface of the cake was obtained from pressing a paper towel over the cake after butter cream icing has set.s surface. The textured swirly imprinted surface of the cake was obtained from pressing … Read more

Cool Homemade Valentine’s Day Cake

Homemade Valentine's Day Cake

I made this Valentine’s Day cake for my husband for Valentine’s Day. It is a cake shaped like an open box of Valentine’s candy. All of the ingredients were store bought. The cake mix and icing were sugar free (or no sugar added) as my husband is a diabetic. The fondant and rice krispy treats … Read more

Simple Valentine Cake Design

Homemade Valentine Cake Design

I made this Valentine Cake Design from boxed cake mix and used canned frosting but have learned this cake would do much better if I had used butter cream. Canned frosting, while convenient, just did not seem to hold up as well as a homemade butter cream recipe would. Its very basic and it is … Read more

Coolest Valentine Cake

Homemade Valentine Cake

This Valentine cake is for my family’s Valentine. It is a 4 layered chocolate cake, with a chocolate hazelnut soak to each layer, two layers of filling is a coconut and one layer buttercream. The outer shell is fondant tinted pink. I used a ruler and embroidery tool to create the quilted look on the … Read more

Coolest Valentine Cake

Coolest Valentine Cake Ideas

Supplies for this Valentine cake: buttercream icing tinted flesh color (small amount of Wilton copper) red and leave a small amount white, chocolate butter cream icing tinted black, cake of choice, red candy melts and a disposable bag. Pans used-Wilton heart and a heart muffin pan. Place red candy melts in disposable bag and microwave … Read more

Coolest Valentines Chocolate Box Cake

Homemade Valentines Chocolate Box Cake

I made this Valentines Chocolate Box Cake with a French Vanilla cake mix, with homemade whipped cream and strawberries for the filling, and Wilton buttercream frosting/Wilton Fondant for the decor. I bought a $5 Russle Stovers box of chocolates at Walmart, and used it for a guide. After making two 10″ round cake layers I … Read more

Coolest Valentines Day Cake

Homemade Valentines Day Cake

Basically I took 2 9″ round cake pans, cut them into heart shapes and placed sides touching together to make this Valentines Day cake. Decorated all with pink icing and piped on the lettering. This was for a school Valentine’s Day party. The kids all loved it. Very simple to assemble. They want another one … Read more

Coolest Homemade Valentine Cakes and How-To Tips 1

I made this two-tier cake for Valentines Day. I iced with white butter cream icing. Ruffle border on the bottom and rosette border everywhere else. I had just learned the Cornelio lace technique and was eager to try it out on valentine cakes. I also made roses that would match. Its a strawberry cake with … Read more

Coolest Valentine Cup Cakes

Homemade Valentine Cup Cakes

I made these Valentine cup cakes for my boyfriend this weekend for Valentine’s day. I think the sweethearts candy are really cute so I decided to make these. A few days before I made the cakes I rolled out and coloured fondant (the pastels of Necco sweethearts) then used a cookie cutter to cut out … Read more

Coolest Homemade Valentine Cakes and How-To Tips 2

Each year I make valentine cakes and they are raffled off for our dancing club funds. This year we raised £40. It is a basic lemon sponge mix…baked in a heart shaped tin.The filling is lemon curd and butter icing. A thin layer of butter icing was spread all over the outside of the cake … Read more