Light-Up a Cigar and Have a Drink 21st Birthday Cake

Light-Up a Cigar and Have a Drink 21st Birthday Cake

This cake was so much fun to make. Everything was completely edible (except for the cake board). I made this for a 21st birthday. The cake was just baked in a normal round tin which I layered and let set in the refrigerator overnight to be able to carve a “bucket” shape. The cake was … Read more

Hilarious 21st Birthday Cake

Hilarious 21st Birthday Cake

So our son was turning 21.  A momenteous occasion to say the least.  Of course, he wanted a party with some of his friends and their favorite alcoholic beverages.  Even though we don’t drink, we knew it was better to allow the party at our home rather than risk our son being out on the … Read more

Finally Legal Barbie Cake

Finally Legal Barbie Cake

My daughter was turning 21 and of all things, she wanted a Barbie Cake. So I dug out my grandmother’s midnite chocolate cake recipe and started baking. I doubled the recipe and used a batter bowl to bake it in. It took 1 hour and ten minutes at 325 to get done. I let it … Read more

Cool Tequila Bar Cake for a 21st Birthday

I was asked to do a cake for a young women turning 21 who was not very girly. Her favorite drink was Tequila and the cake was to be very sweet as the family all have a tendency for sweet food. So they decided on a Tequila Bar cake made from a caramel mud cake with caramel frosting and then … Read more

Coolest Bucket ‘O’ Beer Cake

Coolest Bucket 'O' Beer Cake

I made 3 round layers using almost 6 carrot cake mixes for this Bucket ‘O’ Beer cake . I put 4 dowels in for stability, and used cream cheese frosting between the layers. On the outside edge I crumbled some leftover cake and mixed it with frosting, then used this around the outside edge to fill … Read more

Coolest Untidy Bedroom 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade Untidy Bedroom 21st Birthday Cake

The bed, bedside cabinets and chest of drawers are all chocolate cake sandwiched together and lightly coated with chocolate butter cream. The bed is an 11″ by 7″ oblong cake and the cabinets and drawers were cut into shape from another oblong shaped cake. The board has been covered with white icing and the ‘floorboards’ … Read more

Coolest 21st Birthday Cake with Liquor Bottles

21st Birthday Cake

I made this 21st Birthday Cake for my sister. I used a store bought chocolate cake mix. I made 2 6 in circle pans and 2 9 in square pans. After baking the cakes and letting it cool, I stacked the 2 circle cakes with a chocolate fudge icing in the middle. I did the … Read more

Cool Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

This 21st Birthday Cake I made for my little sister’s 21st birthday. I created this around her favorite colors and her favorite celebrity, Marilyn Monroe. I make my own fondant and had colored it using food coloring. The “21” has Marilyn Monroe quotes sketched on , by me, using black food coloring and a tooth … Read more

Coolest 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

I started this 21st birthday cake by making one of the cake toppers which was a bag. I made this out of flower paste mixed with a little roll out fondant icing. I molded it into shape using my modelling sticks. I then used only flower paste to make the straps and handles, this sets … Read more

Coolest 21st Tatty Teddy Bear Cake

Homemade 21st Tatty Teddy Bear Cake

A lady asked me to make her daughter a 21st birthday cake using tatty teddy bears as the theme. So this is my Homemade 21st Tatty Teddy Bear Cake. I made a 9” and a 12” vanilla sponge cakes and filled with butter cream and strawberry jam (without pips). I placed the larger cake on … Read more

Coolest 21st Cake

Homemade 21st Cake

The girl turning 21 used to have a pink teddy and a white blanket when she was a wee girl. Now she has a handbag and bottle of wine everywhere she goes! I stamped 21 into the fondant icing when it was still soft to avoid cracking then let it dry before placing the Teddy, … Read more

Hilarious Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

Homemade 21st Birthday Cake

My good friend and neighbor’s son recently turned 21. He does like to spend a lot of time out clubbing and drinking! My friend often finds she has at least two or three of his mates crashed out in in his bedroom in the bed or on the floor! I asked him one day where … Read more