Coolest Crayola Crayon Cake

Homemade Crayola Crayon Cake

This Crayola Crayon Cake can be made using any favourite cake recipe. Prepare and bake the cake using a 13×9 cake pan. Once cake is baked and cool, place on cake board. At the top of the cake (9″ section), slice midway through the cake lengthwise approximately two inches. Bring your knife back to the … Read more

Coolest Crayon-Shaped Kid Cake Photo and Tips 8

When the cakes were cool enough, I spread pastry cream on them and then a generous amount of sliced bananas and strawberries. I did 3 layers of yellow cake and 2 layers of filling. I did a crumb coating of white icing first and after it set, I did a 2nd coat of yellow icing. … Read more

Coolest Starry Night Birthday Cake

Homemade Starry Night Birthday Cake

My cousin and I decorated this Starry Night Birthday Cake for a birthday party. We dipped toothpicks in food coloring to make the details. The background was piped. The cake itself is just regular box cake with vanilla frosting.

Coolest Water Color Set Cake

Homemade Water Color Set Cake

My son was a budding artist and loved to paint so I decided to make him this “Water Color Paint Set ” cake for his 4th birthday. With a few simple tricks it came out great! Everyone thought it was a pretty cool cake especially the birthday boy. We usually have large birthday gatherings at … Read more

Coolest Art Competition Cake

Homemade Art Competition Cake

My colleagues and I were at a networking event where they let us play “cake boss”. Four people per team, one half sheet cake and the tools of fondant, gumpaste, buttercream. We had 45 minutes to come up with a design, carve, decorate and create a cake that did the following: 20 teams competed. Had … Read more

Cool Homemade Crayon Cake

Homemade Crayon Cake

My roommate is always so creative so I decided to make her a Crayola Crayon Cake! It started off as a regular white 13×9 cake from a box. I carved a rectangle out of the top like the lid was off the crayon box. The crayons were each a Twinkie with one end cut into … Read more

Coolest Crayon-Shaped Kid Cake Photo and Tips 9

To make a true black for the letters, I used a chocolate fondant with true black gel colorant. This was my first foray into fondant and I loved how easy it was. It was also my first time using the gel colorants. They were awesome too. It made this kid cake project a breeze! The … Read more

Coolest Art Decco Lady Cake

Homemade Art Decco Lady Cake

I made this Art Decco Lady Cake for my friend’s mom’s 60th birthday. I drew a picture of a lady, placed greaseproof paper over the top of her and using royal icing piped around and filled her in in stages, letting each section dry so the icing wouldn’t run into each other. I then made … Read more

Coolest Artist Birthday Cake

Homemade Artist Birthday Cake

I made this Artist Birthday Cake for my Father In Law who was 80 in February and is an excellent artist. The round cake was chocolate, iced with fondant icing and the cake was made with a small Victoria sponge and iced with fondant icing again. I painted the edges of the book with edible … Read more

Coolest Crayon Cake Design

Homemade Crayon Cake Design

I couldn’t find a cake mold for a crayon box, so I started with all the great crayon cakes on this site. For this Crayon Cake Design I baked one chocolate cake and one yellow cake, trimmed one edge off of both and stuck them together, that way people could choose either chocolate or vanilla … Read more

Cool Homemade Sewing Basket Cake

Sewing Basket Cake

I had a lady request a cake from me. She wanted a flat half sheet cake with pictures printed of sewing items on it. I had asked her if it was all right if I played with it a bit and see what I could come up with. Well, need less to say she loved … Read more

Coolest Artist Palette Cake

Homemade Artist Palette Cake

This Artist Palette Cake I made for my step dad. I just used a regular 13×9 pan and and chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. Then I used white frosting for the paint pallet. For the paint I just put dollops of frosting that I dyed and a paint brush. After I did that I thought … Read more

Cool Homemade Crayon Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Crayon Box Birthday Cake

I made this Crayon Box Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 6th birthday. It is only a 9×13 cake pan with a bit of the top shaved half way down to create a spot for the crayons. The crayons are ice cream cones cut in half and iced different colors with buttercream icing. It was super … Read more

Coolest Ball Of Wool / Knitting Cake

Homemade  Ball Of Wool / Knitting Cake

I was asked by a friend to make a cake as a ball of wool for someone who loves knitting. This is the Ball Of Wool / Knitting Cake I came up with! The cake is a vanilla Madeira sponge done in the Wilton ball tin I have stuck the 2 halves together with butter … Read more

Coolest Singer Sewing Machine Cake

Homemade Singer Sewing Machine Cake

My brother and I worked together on this cake for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. She had used an old singer sewing machine for close to 50 years before it finally wore out. We did our best to recreate her little sewing desk as best we remembered it. We wanted the cake to be entirely edible. … Read more

Coolest Artist Palette Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 0

My daughter was having her sixth birthday at the Art House. So I decided to make a painters palette as a kid birthday cake. I found a palette in the clip art on my computer. I enlarged it to fit on a 9×13 cake. I made a white cake mix and poured it in the … Read more

Coolest Crayon Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Crayon Box Birthday Cake

I made this giant Crayon Box Birthday Cake for my granddaughter’s seventh birthday. The theme of the party was “Arts and Crafts” so this fit perfectly! I began by making the crayons: I took ice cream cones (the ones with the flat bottoms) and covered them in colored fondant. I made paper sleeves for each … Read more

Coolest Yarn and Knitting Needles Cake

Homemade Yarn and Knitting Needles Cake

This Yarn and Knitting Needles Cake was for my mom who knits baby photo props for fun and happens to make money doing it! I meant to make it round, but I didn’t have a soccer ball cake pan, so I baked two halves in a round glass Pyrex bowl. That didn’t work out so … Read more

Coolest Decorator’s Cake

Homemade Decorator's Cake

I baked this Decorator’s Cake for someone we know, I was told he used to be a painter and decorator hence the cake I made. I baked an 8 inch Madeira cake, sliced it through the middle and filled with jam and butter cream. I then covered with butter cream and placed in the fridge … Read more

Coolest Sewing Birthday Cake

Homemade Sewing Birthday Cake

This Sewing Birthday Cake was my first solo cake. I used a round Wilton cake pan and a boxed cake mix. The frosting under the fondant was store bought (I hadn’t learned how to make my own yet). I used rolled white fondant, also for the first time and found it was fun and easy. … Read more

Coolest Crayola Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Crayola Box Birthday Cake

To start out, I viewed all of the great ideas for a Crayola Box Birthday Cake listed on this site! I just made a few adjustments: I didn’t stack my 9×13 cakes, since I had over 40 people to feed. I baked one chocolate cake and one yellow cake, trimmed one edge off of both … Read more

Coolest Knitting Bag Cake

Homemade Knitting Bag Cake

I made this homemade knitting bag cake for my Grandmother’s birthday. She is an avid knitter and when I saw this idea online I knew that it was the perfect cake to make. I started with three 8-inch round cakes; trimming them to an oval shape, layered, iced and covered with ivory fondant. For the … Read more