Coolest Farming Theme Cake

Farming Theme Cake

This farming theme cake is a two layer cake with butter on bottom and chocolate on top. The green frosting color was from Wilton fern green with extra black added and the yellow is also Wilton. The grass is tinted coconut and the pond is from blue glitter gel. The dirt area is milk chocolate … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 7

We were making cakes for our mums 46th birthday when we thought of this cake. This is her farm (not to exact scale) complete with lake, tractor, farm house, ducks and the family dog. The tractor wheels are choc aniseed rings and small buttons for the front. It was meant to be red but the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Farm and Animals Birthday Cake

Homemade Farm Birthday Cake

This Farm Birthday Cake was my 4th cake to make. I picked the design off the internet. I saw a cake that was a lot like this and thought it was so cute. I used 2 9 inch rounds on the bottom and 2 6 inch rounds for the top. I made the cakes and … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 8

I made this tractor cake for my husbands nieces’ son who was turning one. You got to love a rectangular cake!! The only difficult part here was tinting the icing the exact shade of green and yellow (I had to add some blue and black for the green and some orange to the yellow–just a … Read more

Coolest Out on the Farm Cake

Homemade Out on the Farm Cake

A very easy farm cake for the 2 year old’s. Simple chocolate cake cooked in a roasting dish and cut to a #2 (or whatever number you require). I cheated – never very good with icing the sides so just used a green piece of material and pinned it around (alternatively ice…or if you want … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 9

I love making cakes so this cake I made for my daughters 3rd birthday that we held at Cox Farm, a pumpkin patch and farm. I saw photos on making cakes on the web and made three Pillsbury yellow mixes and baked four 9 x 12s and put them together to make one double layer … Read more

Coolest Tractor Cake 17

Homemade Tractor Cake

My friend’s little boy turned three and is really into tractors, so I asked if I could make him his tractor cake as a present. I purchased the tractor and wagon as part of his gift so he can play with it when the cake is done. It was pretty simple. I used a cupcake … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 10

This is a chocolate square cake iced in dark green. I frosted one corner in brown and used my “cake rake” to make the appearance of rows. Then I iced a blue pond. I used pieces of toothpicks topped with a little brown icing and added leaves to make “cat tails” by the pond. I … Read more

Coolest Tractor Birthday Cake

Homemade Tractor Birthday Cake

I did this tractor birthday cake for my 5 year old son’s birthday. He loves tractors and John Deere. The cake is made of 2 oblong cakes put together. To do the brown plowed field it is chocolate icing that I put on then put in the refrigerator to get the icing stiff. Then I … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 11

Use any type of cake mix and make a rectangular cake. Use white whipped icing and mix it with either green food coloring or green gel coloring (I used the gel). Use the green frosting as your base color. Then make a road through the center of the cake with crushed graham crackers and decorate … Read more

Coolest Country Cake

Country to Washington D.C.

This country cake is my sister’s birthday cake for the year that she moved from rural Virginia to Washington, D.C. Because I needed space I made it in in a 12X17 inch jelly roll pan. I used one box of cake mix per layer (three layers). I used chocolate cake mix both because she requested … Read more

Coolest Tractor Cake

Homemade Tractor Cake

My son had a John Deere tractor birthday party on a farm. This tractor cake was 2 9×13 sheet cakes that I put together. They weren’t completely even and that worked out perfectly because it looked more realistic of the ground. I used a grass tip to pipe the green grass. The garden is chocolate … Read more