Cool Homemade Farming Cake

Farming Cake

We decided to have a John Deere themed birthday party this year for our three year old and one year old (Their birthdays are only five days apart). This farming cake was the oldest’s cake. He’s very much into tractors right now. This is one of my first attempts at cake decorating, but I had … Read more

Coolest John Deere Tractor Cake

Homemade John Deere Tractor Cake

I used the Pantastic Plastic Tractor pan and followed the directions to make the John Deere Tractor Cake out of candy melts. Then I baked a cake in that pan, and another in a large oval pan. I stacked the cakes and covered them with green fondant, then attached the tractor to the top with … Read more

Cool Homemade Farming Cake with Graham Crackers Field

Homemade Tractors Round Baling Cake

I got this idea for a farming cake from looking at numerous cakes on this site. The cake is a 11X15 mock angel food. I frosted it with white buttercream and added some grass with cows grazing in the corner. I used tip #233 for grass. The field is made of chocolate graham crackers and … Read more

Coolest John Deere Farming Birthday Cake

Homemade John Deere Farming Birthday Cake

My grandsons, Sam almost 5 (he is now!) and Alex almost 3, requested a John Deere birthday cake. Except for both of their first birthday cakes the rest have all been transportation themed cakes. This year I decided to pass on making a cake with ‘wheels’ and focus on a cake showcasing how the John … Read more

Coolest Farming Cake

Homemade Farming Cake

I am still learning this cake making deal, but I am pleased with the outcome of this farming cake. I made this cake for my nephew’s 3rd birthday. I made a chocolate sheet cake from scratch. Then made buttercream frosting and attempted to color it the green used for John Deer. Boy oh boy, was … Read more

Coolest Farmyard Birthday Cake

Homemade Farmyard Birthday Cake

For my son Gavin’s second birthday party, we chose to have a farm themed party. The invites were little barns and when you opened the barn door there was a picture of my son dressed as a farmer. And this is the Farmyard Birthday Cake. All the kids received cowboy hats and bandanas and cowbells. … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 1

I am not good at making cakes so about a week before my sons birthday party I made all of the animal figures, hay bales and flowers out of icing and kept them in an airtight container. The day before the party I made a square sponge cake which I filled with jam and covered … Read more

Coolest Farmyard Birthday Cake Idea 27

Homemade Farmyard Birthday Cake Idea

This Farmyard Birthday Cake Idea was made for my 3 year old son’s birthday. We had the party at my parents farm, so I thought a farm yard cake would suit it the best. Its a chocolate 7″ top cake. Everything on this cupcake cake is edible. I hand made all the animals on each … Read more

Original Homemade Farm Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Farm Scene Birthday Cake

My friend asked if I could come up with a Farm Scene Birthday Cake for her son’s birthday. He was older so I wanted it to be more detailed to what he wanted instead of “little kid” like. I used a 1/2 sheet cake pan and frosted with buttercream. I used Wilton spray color for … Read more

Coolest Ideas for Making Cakes for a Barnyard Party 3

This is my first paid cake. Its my fourth cake ever made (with a theme/character). I have never taken a class in making cakes so I winged it. It is a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for the filling. I frosted it with buttercream frosting colored. I then made a third 9×13 cake … Read more