Coolest Barnyard-Theme Picture of Cakes 9

I used plastic fencing and animals. I made the water with grass around it for the ducks. I made a mud hole for the pigs to play in. The sheep are following the ducks to the water hole. The horses are eating out of a plastic trough filled with graham crackers crumbled to a fine … Read more

Coolest Farm Animal Cupcakes

Homemade Farm Animal Cupcakes

I made these farm animal cupcakes for my daughter’s second birthday party, a “barnyard bash.” I found the idea for the pig cupcake on this site and the lamb cupcake on another (?) site. The pig has pink frosting and uses half of a large pink marshmallow for the nose, one pink mini marshmallow cut … Read more

Coolest 3D John Deere Tractor Cake

Homemade 3D John Deere Tractor Cake

My idea for a Homemade 3D John Deere Tractor Cake started out with thinking that I would use a tractor loaf pan and then add a three dimension to the wheel on the back. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to stand up completely and really have a 3D … Read more

Coolest Tractor Cake with Driver

Homemade Tractor Cake with Driver

My husband and I made this Tractor Cake with Driver in 3 steps. 1) Bake the cakes – 1 13×9 cake and 2 standard round cake tins. 2) Refrigerate the cooled cakes for at least 6 hours. 3) Cut and shape. My husband made a template using a John Deere catalog, and cut the template … Read more

Coolest John Deere Tractor Cake

Homemade John Deere Tractor Cake

My Dad John, collects tractors, toy and real. They are his life. I was asked to create a John Deere Tractor cake for his 71st birthday. I included my memory of him and I as a child with him on the tractor. I used gumpaste, fondant, buttercream with a yellow cake dyed green and yellow … Read more

Coolest Farming Tractor Cakes and Preparation Tips 4

The little boy that I baby-sit wanted a John Deere tractor cake, but I was having trouble finding a picture of one and I didnt want to buy the expensive tractor cake pan for a one time cake. So, I came up with this cake. I used 3 small loaf pans. I cut two to … Read more

Coolest Farming Tractor Cake Ideas and Photos 8

For this John Deere tractor cake we used 2 loaf sized pans for the cakes and stood one up on its end. We took the part that we had leveled off for the windshield and cut the other loaf in half and attached it to the loaf that is standing on end. We also made … Read more