Coolest Barnyard-Theme Picture of Cakes 8

I baked a huge cake, using a Wilton cake pan. It took 4 boxes of French vanilla cake mix. I made homemade butter cream icing. The barn is made out of iced graham crackers. I dyed coconut for the hay and grass. The animals are Fisher Price Little People. The pig is sitting in a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Barn Cakes 0

This cake was for a first birthday of a little boy who loves farm animals. I got the idea from looking at other photos of barn cakes. I took the parts of other cakes that I liked and combined them to get the finished product. I used graham crackers for the barn walls and roof, … Read more

Coolest IH Tractor Graduation Cake

Homemade IH Tractor Graduation Cake

I made this homemade IH tractor graduation cake for my daughter’s boyfriend’s graduation. The guy is obsessed with IH tractors and I thought it would be a fun gift for him. Luckily my husband is a tool-maker and can help me with customized cake stands. I got out the pans I decided to use and … Read more

Coolest Tractor Cake

Homemade Tractor Cake

I made this tractor cake for my son’s second birthday. I looked at images from his tractor books, then drew a pattern on newsprint. This is not too hard – you can trace around appropriately sized cups or bowls to make the wheels, then the rest is mainly straight lines. I baked 4 cake layers … Read more

Coolest Farming Tractor Cakes and Preparation Tips 2

A friend asked me to do a John Deere Tractor cake for a groom’s cake to go with the wedding cake. It was made with the right cake pan. I used colored chocolates to form the main body and wheels of this cake and then filled in with butter cream icing. It was placed next … Read more

Coolest Farming Tractor Cake Ideas and Photos 6

This tractor cake was baked for a competition. I had originally intended to make a fire engine but it all went a little wrong on the day and so it became a tractor – a red one! A deep based square tin was used for the main tractor body and sides where the farmer sits … Read more