Coolest Homemade Beach Theme Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 10

For my eldest daughters 8th birthday, we hosted a party at one of the local city pools. Being huge fans of the ocean, we decided a beach kid birthday cake was in order! I had always wanted to try using piping gel, and this provided the perfect opportunity. I used a large sheet cake pan … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beach Cake Ideas and Photos 2

After looking through your site for ideas for a beach cake I decided on a beach theme for my daughter Alexas 8th Birthday. We had recently watched “Jaws” on TV and she had really liked the movie. So I dug through her enormous “Polly Pocket” collection and found two girls and a boy plus a … Read more

Coolest Island Beach Cake

Homemade Island Beach Cake

My instructions for this island beach cake were ‘Summer of 69′. The cake is milk chocolate fudge with buttercream icing. All the decorations are fondant. To make the beach I first iced the cake with pale brown icing then sprinkled with brown sugar. The water was blue b/c with green waves and white b/c tips. … Read more

Coolest California Beach Cake

Homemade California Beach Cake

My friend William was turning 50 and goes to the beach at least twice a week- all summer. A Homemade California Beach Cake was an obvious choice for his birthday. The cake itself is a modified mix. 2 boxes of yellow cake made with 3 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, 1 1/2 c milk, 1 … Read more

Coolest Dolphins at the Beach Cake

Homemade  Dolphins at the Beach Cake

I made this Dolphins at the Beach Cake for my sister who loves Dolphins. This is the first cake I made with MMF. I don’t really ever bake and my family would just laugh at me when I did. This cake was very fun to make and now I just want to bake cakes all … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beach Theme Kid Birthday Cake Ideas 11

I got this kid birthday cake idea from a cake magazine and also the internet. I decorated the teddy grams as swimmers, snorkelers, and mermaids. I made a two layer cake and cut the top layer apx. 3/4 of an inch deep and poured in blue jello, that was setting (about the consistency of runny … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beach Cake Ideas and Photos 3

This was a beach cake idea that I got from the cover of a magazine. We had a pool party for my daughter when she turned two so this was perfect! The cake itself is an eight-inch two layer cake. I then “dug” out the pool on the top and filled it with blue jello … Read more

Easy Homemade Beach Birthday Cake with Graham Cracker Sand

Homemade Beach Birthday Cake

I got the idea for this Beach Birthday Cake from a magazine, but modified it to make a rectangular cake, the original was round and two tiers. I liked the flatter surface which allowed for more stuff on top. Another change: I lined the water feature with fruit roll-ups to give it a nice base … Read more

Coolest Beach Themed Birthday Cake

Homemade Beach Themed Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s 12th birthday, we were having a beach themed birthday party, and we wanted to make a cake that stood out! So I looked online, and took a few ideas and put them together to create our very own beach themed birthday cake. We used brown sugar to make the sand, and added … Read more

Cool Homemade Ocean Cake

Homemade Ocean Cake

My son wanted a pool party with a ocean themed cake for his 6th birthday. I took some ideas from other cakes and combined it to make my own. I used blue spray for the water part do avoid coloring frosting and it made cool shading. I also textured the frosting with a decorating tool … Read more

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for a Beach Theme Party 0

For my sons first birthday I had a Fun in the Sun theme. So I thought it would be fitting to have an ocean cake. My husband made a cake bored for me that had a moat around the center cake. I used eight cake mixes for the entire cake. For the sand castle part … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beach Cake Ideas and Photos 4

I usually make birthday cakes for the grandchildren as a two layer with normal cake decorations. My roses are a big hit. I think they believe I can do anything with icing but the only thing Id ever done is rose’s borders etc. This year my five year soon-to-be six year old granddaughter and her … Read more

Coolest Sand and Surf Birthday Cake

Homemade Sand and Surf Birthday Cake

My daughter is obsessed with the ocean, and was turning 7, so I thought I’d combine these things in her cake and make a Sand and Surf Birthday Cake. I made 3 chocolate bar cakes, and trimmed the corner off of one, to make the 7 shape. I then coloured the fondant ready made icing … Read more

Cool Homemade Beach Theme Birthday Cake

Homemade Beach Theme Birthday Cake

This is the first time I decorated a cake. I made it for my nephew’s 6th birthday. I got ideas from this website and just added some more stuff. Everyone loved this homemade beach theme birthday cake. It took a long time to draw the swimsuits on the bears, but it was worth it.

Coolest Jet Ski Birthday Cake

Homemade Jet Ski Birthday Cake

I made this Jet Ski birthday cake for my son-in-law’s 40th birthday. He loves to jet ski so I thought this would be great fun on a cake. The cake itself is about 12 x 18. I used the white almond sour cream wedding cake recipe which stands up very well to any kind of … Read more

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for a Beach Theme Party 1

The idea for the Barney Beach Party cake came from the Barney DVD “Beach Party” .Mikayla my two year old daughter is crazy about Barney, she practically eats sleeps and drinks Barney so I decided to make a unique birthday cake from a picture I found on the internet of the beach party. I was … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beach Cake Ideas and Photos 5

I planned a beach themed birthday party and thought this beach cake would be perfect. First I prepared a round cake following the directions of whichever cake flavor you choose. After the cake is cooled I cut a jelly bean shaped hole on one half of the cake through the first layer of cake. I … Read more

Coolest Beach Cake

Homemade Beach Cake

My friends had recently gotten back from a holiday in Thailand so we had a joint belated birthday party for them. I’d like to thank all the previous ‘beach cake’ submissions on this site as I combined a whole heap of information and ideas from them all to come up with this one! The cake … Read more

Coolest Beach Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Beach Birthday Cake Idea

My son wanted “a beach” for his birthday, so here is the result of my Beach Birthday Cake Idea. I started by baking a standard Devil’s Food chocolate cake. I iced it as soon as it was cool with cream cheese frosting that I made (it’s 3 oz cream cheese, a little milk, and 2 … Read more

Coolest Surfer Joe Birthday Cake

Homemade Surfer Joe Birthday Cake

I baked this surfer Joe birthday cake for my daughter’s boyfriend’s 20th birthday. He is an avid surfer so this was perfect for him. He loved it so much he didn’t want to cut it! But we did and it was delicious! I used a 9x12x2 pan, a 2 cup Pyrex bowl and one box … Read more

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for a Beach Theme Party 2

This unique birthday cake idea came from another website. I decided to do this for my sons first birthday as he loves playing in the ocean! The cake was not hard to do but it was time consuming. Believe it or not the most difficult thing was finding all of the appropriate candies for the … Read more

Coolest Littlest Pet Shop Beach Scene Cake Idea

Homemade Littlest Pet Shop Beach Scene Cake Idea

My oldest daughter was turning 10 in July and wanted at least a 2 tiered cake for her birthday and she loves Littlest pet shop,(she owns at least 100 of the pets) so we went online and got some neat Littlest Pet Shop Beach Scene Cake Ideas to look like the beach and use the … Read more

Cute Homemade All Edible Beach Cake

Homemade Beach Cake

This Beach Cake was made from a rectangle pan. I made the volley ball net out of pretzel sticks and royal icing. The surf shop has 2 gum cut out surf boards. The shop is a muffin with pretzels for the roof, yellow icing, black icing for the door. The sign is made from a … Read more

Cute Homemade Beach Birthday Cake for a Retirement Party

Homemade Beach Birthday Cake

This Beach Birthday Cake was for a retirement party. The couple were going to be heading to Florida! It is a double layer cake. 9in bottom and 6 inch on top. For the ocean I used buttercream with blue coloring – I didn’t mix very well and then would use some white swirled in to … Read more