Coolest Cub Scout Birthday Cake

Homemade Cub Scout Birthday Cake

I made this Cub Scout Birthday Cake last year (2010) for the 100th BSA Birthday Blue & Gold Banquet. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. It did take time & patience though! I bought two different sized pans at the store. I used the bigger sheet pan for … Read more

Coolest Boy Scout Birthday Cake Design

Homemade  Boy Scout Birthday Cake Design

I’m not a professional baker, just a hobbyist. I made this Boy Scout Birthday Cake Design for a friend’s family who are really into scouting. It’s just a 10″ square vanilla cake baked from scratch and frosted with buttercream smoothed using the “Viva Method”. I searched the Internet for images of badges, then chose the … Read more

Coolest Eagle Scout Court of Honor Cake

Homemade Eagle Scout Court of Honor Cake

My son finally received his Eagle Scout rank (yay!) and as part of his Court of Honor, I wanted to celebrate with an Eagle Scout Court of Honor Cake. This cake is a 2 layer, coconut rum cake covered in marshmallow fondant. The bottom layer is decorated with the gold scout fleur de lis which … Read more

Coolest Scouts Graduation Cake

Homemade Scouts Graduation Cake

For my son’s Cubscout graduation I decide to surprise everyone with a cake. He passed from Wolf to Bear but I couldn’t leave out all the other dens so I include them in the cake. It was a success and everybody enjoy the event. We are so proud of our kids! I baked two round … Read more

Coolest Girl Scout Cake

Homemade Girl Scout Cake

My daughter had an end of the year girl scout party and so yes..a cake was in order. We decided that for a bigger presentation statement we would make the cake two layers tall. Plus that gives you more of a 3D look and plenty of room to decorate! We made all the fondant badges … Read more

Coolest Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Cake

Homemade Boy Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Cake

I was asked to make a Boy Scout for the yearly Blue & Gold Banquet. This is the banquet which celebrates the advancements of each scout as a result of the previous years achievements. Throughout the year, the scouts had completed a number of service projects and participated in several activities. Each item located around … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scout Cakes 0

My husband and my oldest son made this cake for the “Fellers Cake Bake” – a yearly tradition for our annual Baden Powell Banquet. He used two boxes of white cake mix (my son’s choice). The body of the shirt is one rectangular 9×13 with some pieces added on from the other cake to complete … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scout Cakes 1

I made this cake for my sons cub scout Blue and Gold banquet. I wanted to make a cake that had all the badges on it. I used a 14″ square pan. I used two boxes of cake mix, probably should have used three as it wasn’t as thick as I’d like. I frosted it … Read more