Coolest Poker Chip Cake

Homemade Poker Chip Cake

This poker chip cake was made for a friend’s husband. I was experimenting with rolled buttercream for the top of this one. It is a single layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. It is iced with buttercream. I measured out for the different sections of the poker chip and made templates so that they … Read more

Coolest Casino Birthday Cake

Homemade Casino Birthday Cake

This Casino Birthday Cake was made for a friend’s husband for his birthday. There are three tiers of cake, one 8 inch, one 6 inch, and one 4 inch. You cant really see the top layer because the casino sign is covering it, but it is there! There are 2 layers of cake on each … Read more

Coolest Homemade Slot Machine Special Occasion Cakes 5

This is a gold cake. Stack three 9-inch square cakes, and take two more of which you cut in half and put on the way top. Use dowels in the bottom half to support the cake. The coins are foiled wrapped chocolate. The coin tray and arm are made of fondant. The rest is all … Read more

Coolest Poker Pair Cake

Homemade Poker Pair Cake

This cake was made for my mom’s 55th birthday (hence the pair of 5’s) plus green is her favorite color. I did 3 8″round cakes, leveled them out and covered them with a thin layer of fondant then placed them just slightly off center from each other (being careful to keep the weight all in … Read more

Coolest Magic Birthday Cake

Homemade Magic Birthday Cake

We made this Homemade Magic Birthday Cake for a 10 year old boy who loves magic and Criss Angel- Mindfreak. We made one large sheet cake then cut two 8×8 squares and two 6×6 squares. We stacked the two 8×8 squares with icing between them and then stacked the two 6×6 squares with icing between … Read more

Coolest Homemade Slot Machine Special Occasion Cakes 6

This cake was made for my moms 55 th birthday. Las Vegas is her favorite place in the world and she loves to play the slots. I made three small plain chocolate cakes and one large one. I cut the big one in half and put the two parts one on the other. I did … Read more

Coolest Casino Cake

Homemade Casino Cake

I made this casino cake for my daughter, she had a party at school and the theme was casino. I made a sponge cake with chocolate butter cream. And all you can see on the plate was made with fondant. And the cards were painted with icing color.

Coolest Texas Hold’Em Birthday Cake

Homemade Texas Hold'Em Birthday Cake

I made a round cake and covered it with green butter icing. Then I used sugar paste to make the cards and the poker chips. I used a fine paint brush and food colouring to decorate them. This Texas Hold’Em Birthday Cake is quite simple to make but time consuming. My brother in law loved … Read more

Coolest Poker Cakes, Cards and Las Vegas Cakes

Coolest Las Vegas Cakes

I made this birthday cake for my son-in-law who works for a company installing computer poker tables. I checked out this wonderful site for Las Vegas cakes and this is what I made. Just two boxes of cake mix in a large roasting pan. I cut out five individual pieces of paper to the size … Read more

Cool Slot Machine Birthday Cake

Homemade Slot Machine Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a “Slot Machine” birthday cake for a friend. When I went to the computer to get some helpful hints, I came across this website. I started with 2 6 inch French Vanilla cakes. And whipped up some Creme de Menthe butter cream icing to put in between the 2 layers. … Read more