Coolest Homemade Carousel Cake Ideas 5

I made this carousel cake for my daughters 3rd birthday – she was enthralled with carousels. I used the Wilton separator set which my husband repainted in our theme colors. The base is 2-layer 12-inch and the top a 2-layer 8-inch. The color candies in the shell border are thin wafer candies. I molded candy … Read more

Cool Homemade 2-Tier Circus Cake

Circus Cake

I baked 1 16″ and 1 12″ round cake and used a carousel 2-tier kit I found at the craft store. This circus cake requires dowels, I used wooden ones to hold the layers. The inside had confetti in the batter and I used the confetti frosting to decorate. The clowns were piped on using … Read more

Coolest Carousel Child Birthday Cake

Homemade Carousel Child Birthday Cake

This Carousel Child Birthday Cake was fairly simple to construct. I started with two 8″ round cakes and used some wedding pillars to support the 6″ cake top. I iced all of it with pure white buttercream. My daughter wanted “pink and blue stars with horses!” I searched far and wide for plain horses then … Read more

Fun Homemade Pink and Yellow Carousel Birthday Cake

Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake for my niece’s first birthday. I used a regular yellow cake. For the base of the carousel I made two layers in a 12 inch pan. I iced with a butter cream icing to ice between the layers as well as to decorate with. I cut dowels and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carousel Cake Ideas 6

I made this carousel cake in 2005 for my daughters first birthday. It may not look it but this cake was very simple to make. All it is: two round Madeira cakes covered in pink ready roll fondant icing then decorated with different colour tubes of icing. The horses I drew by hand onto card … Read more

Cute Homemade Carousel Cake for my Daughter

Homemade Carousel Cake

I needed a birthday cake for my daughter and I liked the idea of a carousel cake. I had seen one online from a cake store but it was £180! I had recently discovered a cake decorating shop near me and had started decorating cup cakes and cookies for various holidays and for fun with … Read more

Coolest Carousel Cake Design

Homemade Carousel Cake Design

My daughter wanted a Carousel Cake Design for her 4th birthday party. My husband and I decided it HAD to go around and around like a real carousel. With a little work it did! The cake was the easy part. I baked two round chocolate cakes. The recipe on the Hershey’s Cocoa box is the … Read more

Coolest Carousel Birthday Cake 53

Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a carousel birthday cake for a friend’s daughter who was turning 3. I purchased the carousel at my local Michaels. The cake was made from a Betty Crocker white cake mix (my favorite to use). The bottom was made from a 10” round pan that I made two of and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carousel Cake Ideas 7

This is a great carousel cake. Three pictures of the carousel cake followed by three pictures that show the component parts and how it was put together. Bottom part is two-layer 12-inch-diameter white cakes frosted with white buttercream icing. Then white plastic turn style (Wilton lazy susan for cake decorating) was placed on top, resting … Read more

Cool Homemade Red, White, Blue and Yellow Carousel Cake

Ciana's Carousel Cake

My sister and I created this carousel cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. After looking at many of the cakes online here, my daughter decided on a carousel cake. Using ideas from other cakes, my sister and I created this unique cake. The cake itself is a basic 1-2-3 cake comprised of two 12-inch layers … Read more

Sweet Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake for a 2 Year Old

Homemade  Carousel Birthday Cake

This Carousel Birthday Cake was a simple adaptation of those on this wonderful site. It was created for my 2year old who loves carousels. We were not having a party and it was just going to be the immediate family of 5 adults, 1 sibling whose birthday is also in a few days. My objective … Read more

Coolest Carousel Birthday Cake

Homemade Carousel Birthday Cake

I made this carousel birthday cake for my granddaughter’s second birthday. This idea was from a 1983 Wilton book I had purchased years ago. The gum paste mold was no longer available for the canopy decoration so I measured around my pan and determined how many decorations I needed and traced an outline on parchment … Read more