Coolest Benz and Rolex Cake

I made this Benz and Rolex cake with a small 6″ cake and added the Benz symbol and and details of a Rolex watch…  very simple. I made the symbol ahead of time, sprinkled it with dusting silver sparkle, and let it dry. I made the car key with gumpaste and drew the sign on it and … Read more

Coolest Movado Watch Cake

Coolest Movado Watch Cake

As simple as this Movado watch cake may seem, I found it very difficult to make it as elegant as the real thing while keeping the design very simple. The beauty of a Movado watch is that it is elegant without flashy numbers or intricate designs. When my customer approched me regarding this watch I … Read more

Coolest Wrist Watch Cake

Homemade Wrist Watch Cake

I made this Wrist Watch Cake for my stepson Brian who is obsessed with watches. I am an amateur baker and this is only my 5th cake of this caliber that I have made. It was a lot of fun, although time consuming. The details is what I think makes the cake so neat. Brian … Read more

Clock Cake

Hickory Dickory Clock

I made this clock cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I made it using a basic chocolate sponge in a large rectangular tin. I shaped it by simply cutting with a knife in order to create the rounded top and indented sides. I made chocolate butter icing (with a small bowl non-chocolatey) and spread on … Read more