Coolest 3rd Birthday Bulldozer Cake

Coolest 3rd Birthday Bulldozer Cake

I made this bulldozer cake for my son’s 3rd birthday!  I love decorating cakes, and feel that I am fairly good at it. I must admit, though, when my son requested a bulldozer cake, I wasn’t entirely confident that I could pull that one off, especially because I wanted the cake to be 3D. I think … Read more

Cool Digger Dirt Cake – You Can Dig Your Own Cake!

Cool Digger Dirt Cake - You Can Dig Your Own Cake!

My son Tyler’s digger cake, that’s what he call’s it. Oh, he loves to dig. So my husband and I have been thinking about this cake for the last couple months, what are we going to do. We had bought the dump truck already, then two days before his birthday I had this idea, lets … Read more

Coolest Tonka Truck Cake

Coolest Tonka Truck Cake

For my son’s 2nd birthday, we decided to make a big yellow Tonka Truck Cake, as it was his current favourite toy. The sponge is a white choc mud cake, baked in a variety of tins to get the right types of shapes. We then iced in butter cream, and used a variety of available … Read more

Cool Homemade Dump Truck Cake Idea

Homemade Dump Truck Cake

Our 3yr old is obsessed with construction trucks, so I made him this Homemade Dump Truck Cake and then cut out dumptrucks from construction paper and attached them to sidewalk chalk buckets – added the bottom 1/3 of a paper lunchbag to the top of it and made them into goodie bags/buckets filled with treats. … Read more

Coolest Dump Truck Cake

Homemade  Dump Truck Cake

The bottom portion of the Dump Truck Cake is 4 13×9” sheet cakes, layered with cookies and cream filling and topped with chocolate icing and Oreo and chocolate chip cookie crumbs. Orange cones are made from fondant and were allowed to dry. The dump truck is made of pound cake baked in two standard bread … Read more

Coolest Dumptruck Birthday Cake 47

This is the Dumptruck Birthday Cake I made for a friends sons first birthday. I carved the cake and put it on a raised board so it looked like the tires which were made from ricecrispies treats and covered in fondant were off the ground.I finished the cake with fondant accents and put a small … Read more

Awesome Construction Vehicle Cake

A Two Year Old's Excavator Cake

I made this construction vehicle cake for our son’s second birthday. He loves everything to do with construction right now! It was fairly simple once I had all the components prepared. The base was a 9X13 2″ cake cut into an ‘H’ shape and covered with grey fondant for the tracks. The center was a … Read more

Coolest Digger Cake Design

Homemade Digger Cake Design

This Digger Cake Design is the coolest digger loader cake in the world. My little boy loves construction vehicles and asked for a digger loader cake. I could not find any idea on the net that impressed me, because most people bake a plain cake and decorate them with real toys. So this one came … Read more

Cool Homemade Digger Cake Design

Homemade Digger Cake Design

After following the tips from some others online (namely the rice Krispy digging arm) I also added licorice straps and mini Oreos for the wheels. The green cake was a chocolate cake which I ‘dug’ into with a spoon to make it look like excavated earth when it was served up(not shown in photo). I … Read more

Coolest Tonka Truck Birthday Cake 71

Homemade Tonka Truck Birthday Cake Homemade Tonka Truck Birthday Cake I found this Tonka Truck Birthday Cake a little time consuming with getting the icing on but well worth the effort. I started with 3 large rectangle cakes and then cut them into the Tonka truck shape. I actually cooked the cake mix in a … Read more

Coolest Bull Dozer Cake

John's Dozer Cake

I made this bulldozer cake for my son’s 2nd birthday party. It was a hit. The cake consisted of 2 9×13 cakes stacked on top of each other. The blade and top portion of the cake is 2 loaf pans divided and shaped. The roll cab and blade lifters are made with pipe cleaners. The … Read more

Coolest Construction Digger Cake

Homemade Construction Digger Cake

My son announced that he would like “a digger cake” about 2 days before his birthday, and after much panic, frantic trawling of the internet and taking inspiration from the cakes on this site, I came up with this Construction Digger Cake. I had to use a small Lego ‘Scoop’ from Bob the Builder as … Read more

Cool Homemade Digger Cake

Homemade Digger Cake

I was throwing my son a party for his 4th birthday for my 3 children and some friends, so as well as the clown cake -submitted, I made this Digger Cake also. I asked him what cake he wanted and he wasn’t bothered -he just wanted the party, so I thought I’ll try a 3d … Read more

Coolest Crane Cake

Crane Cake

I made this crane cake for my son’s first birthday. I got the idea from a Wilton cake year book. The crane is made out of the 3D train pan and we just cut off a few things to make it look like a crane. We used a plastic dowel and wrapped it in black … Read more

Coolest Bulldozer Birthday Cake

Homemade Bulldozer Birthday Cake

For my son’s 3rd birthday he initially requested a crane cake. After doing a little research online I quickly realized that my cake making skills are not yet refined enough to make a cake hang in the air! I decided to persuade him to want a Homemade Bulldozer Birthday Cake. Once I did this I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 0

This dump truck construction cake was for my sons first birthday last week. He loves his toy dump truck so we used that theme. The cake turned out much bigger than I thought, it easily would have fed over 30 people. I started with 11×13 and 9×11 sheet cakes. I used a small box covered … Read more

Cool Homemade Construction Digger Cake

Construction Digger Cake

This construction digger cake was requested by my daughter for her second birthday. My wife made two loaf-shaped, hot milk sponge cakes. One was cut in two for the ‘axels’ and the other rested across them for the ‘body’. The wheels were two large and two small ring doughnuts, coated in black icing. The two … Read more

Coolest Backhoe Cake

Homemade Backhoe Cake

My son was turning 3 and nothing suited him better than a Backhoe cake. I got my basic ideas from this site and went from there. I started by baking cakes- one in a large loaf pan and 2 in small loaf pans. I cut the end off the loaf pan cake to make the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 1

For this construction cake I used three 9×13 cakes, graham crackers (whole and unbroken), and Wilton’s decorator frosting (yellow, light blue). Cut one of the 9×13 cakes in half so you have 2 short rectangles. Layer the two remaining cakes as you would any double layer cake. Then place one of the halves at the … Read more