Cool Homemade 3 Tiered Construction Birthday Cake

Coolest Construction Birthday Cake

I made this construction birthday cake for my grandson’s 2nd birthday. I started with a three tier mountain cake with a chocolate road leading to a one tier cake. To make the large construction cones I used ice cream cones covered with orange candy melts placed on chocolate covered graham crackers. All the lettering and signs … Read more

Coolest Bob the Builder Birthday Cake

Coolest Bob the Builder Birthday Cake

For 3 weeks leading up to my son’s birthday, all he could talk about was the Bob The Builder birthday cake that he was going to have. I searched high and low for Bob characters, toys and decorations to put on his cake. I couldn’t come up with anything. It was now the night before his … Read more

Craftsman Toolbox Cake for Handyman Dad

Craftsman Toolbox Cake for Handyman Dad

This is a Craftsman toolbox cake I did for my handyman Dad. It was inspired by a wrench and screwdriver cookie cutter set I found. I made some of those out of sugar cookies and placed them on and around the cake for decorations. The cake was chocolate sheet cakes that I cut into rectangles and stacked and … Read more

Cool Construction Cake

Cool Construction Cake

I got my inspiration for this construction cake  from a friend who’d made a similar one. I just made a basic chocolate cake recipe and I used an online guide to cut the pieces of cake and join to make the ‘3’. “How to make number cakes” by H. Harris seems to be a popular one to … Read more

Cool Digger Dirt Cake – You Can Dig Your Own Cake!

Cool Digger Dirt Cake - You Can Dig Your Own Cake!

My son Tyler’s digger cake, that’s what he call’s it. Oh, he loves to dig. So my husband and I have been thinking about this cake for the last couple months, what are we going to do. We had bought the dump truck already, then two days before his birthday I had this idea, lets … Read more

Cool Bob the Builder/Nemo Birthday Cake

Cool Bob the Builder/Nemo Birthday Cake

My sister in law called me as my nephew’s birthday was approaching and asked me if I could combine his two favorite characters, Scoop the Dozer from Bob the Builder and Nemo, into a cake for his second birthday. I asked her to text to my phone a picture of Scoop, which she promptly did, and off … Read more

Coolest Construction Site Birthday Cake

Homemade Construction Site Birthday Cake

I made this Construction Site Birthday Cake for my grandson’s 4th birthday. To come up with the design, I Googled for photos of other construction site cakes, many from this wonderful website. I chose my favorite parts of several different cakes and put them altogether on my cake. The cake is 2 cake mixes in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 5

My son is fascinated with heavy equipment. As a gift I bought him some Hot-Wheels sized equipment but before he could play with it we put it on his construction cake. The cake is actually completely made of ice cream. My three year old son usually leaves the cake and just eats the ice cream … Read more

Cool Homemade Construction Digger Cake

Construction Digger Cake

This construction digger cake was requested by my daughter for her second birthday. My wife made two loaf-shaped, hot milk sponge cakes. One was cut in two for the ‘axels’ and the other rested across them for the ‘body’. The wheels were two large and two small ring doughnuts, coated in black icing. The two … Read more

Coolest Backhoe Cake

Homemade Backhoe Cake

My son was turning 3 and nothing suited him better than a Backhoe cake. I got my basic ideas from this site and went from there. I started by baking cakes- one in a large loaf pan and 2 in small loaf pans. I cut the end off the loaf pan cake to make the … Read more