Cool Electronic Musician Cake

Cool Electronic Musician Cake

This electronic musician cake was made for my friend’s husband. He makes beats on his computer using a keyboard and this program. She was originally going to go to Publix to have the edible image placed on a sheet cake and then make a pair of head phones her self after I taught her how to do it. … Read more

Coolest Laptop Cake

Homemade Laptop Cake

My 9 year old daughter and I made this laptop cake for my dad’s birthday. We began by making homemade marshmallow fondant. We used black Wilton icing color to make gray fondant and wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap and placed it in the refrigerator for later use. We then made a second batch of … Read more

Coolest Apple Laptop Cake

Homemade Apple Laptop Cake

This Homemade Apple Laptop Cake is a cake for my step-son’s 20th birthday. He’s a big fan of Apple products so I decided to surprise him with a laptop cake. This cake consists of the laptop, case, Iphone, and some post-its and pen. Laptop and case are chocolate cakes filled with chocolate pastry cream. Everything … Read more

Homemade Laptop Cake for 30th Birthday

Laptop Cake

This laptop cake was made for a 30th birthday party. The birthday boy worked with computers. I started with a 12 x 15 sheet cake, frosted in white buttercream, then added a 9 x 13 sheet cake on top of that. This was covered in black fondant. (which can be special ordered). I made the … Read more

Easy DIY Laptop Cake

Homemade Laptop Cake

I made this Laptop Cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. She wanted a laptop cake. The bottom portion is a “funfetti” cake mix. The bottom of the laptop is made of cereal treats and the “screen” of the laptop is made of foam core. The laptop is covered in fondant with fondant accents. I used … Read more

Coolest Computer Cake

Homemade ICarly Computer Cake

I finished this ICarly Computer Cake yesterday for my friend’s daughter who loves ICarly. I am just starting out using fondant so bear with me. The bottom pink layer is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. The laptop is a vanilla cake with a silver fondant cover. I used black MMF (all homemade because it … Read more

Coolest Desktop Computer Birthday Cake

Homemade Desktop Computer Birthday Cake

I made this Desktop Computer Birthday Cake for my husband’s uncle Larry for his birthday. The base is a chocolate cake baked in a 9 X 13 cake pan and covered with butter cream frosting. The monitor is made out of rice kripsy treat and then frosted with butter cream. The image on the monitor … Read more

Cool Homemade Computer Cake

Homemade Computer Cake

The keyboard of the Computer Cake is yellow cake mix, the monitor, mouse and mouse pad is pound cake. I cut all the keys separately with a cutter and lettered them by hand. The monitor is on a wooden platform I made to hold it up. Other than the platform, everything else is edible. The … Read more

Coolest Apple Computer Birthday Cake

Homemade Apple Computer Birthday Cake

This Apple Computer Birthday Cake is the cake that I made for a friend’s birthday who is a big Apple Computer fan. This is a 3 layer Rich Chocolate cake with Chocolate Mousse filling and Whipped cream frosting. The Apple logo and the disc is made of fondant.

Coolest Apple Mac Cake

Apple Mac Cake

A riend requested a cake for her son who is really into his computer which is an Apple Mac. She did not want to spend a lot of money so I came up with the idea of using the Apple Mac logo for a cake. The Apple Mac cake is a vanilla cake with a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Computer Cake Photos and How-To Tips 0

This computer cake took a little added love. I now have bragging rights for a year because I gave a laptop to my friend for her birthday! Using a Duncan Hines mix I baked a 13×9 inch cake. While the cake was in the oven I melted a bag of white chocolate candies. These were … Read more

Homemade Laptop Cake

Homemade Husband's Nerdy Laptop Cake

I made this laptop cake for my husband’s 30th birthday. He is an IT manager for a credit union and this was the perfect idea for a cake. I used just a regular chocolate cake mix, it was Dunkin Hines or Betty Crocker. I made it in a large cookie sheet that had about 1/2in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Computer Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

I made this cake for my dad a few years ago. He absolutely loves computers!I ended up using several boxes of cake mix to make it life-size. I carved out the monitor using a large knife and used a toothpick to carve out the keys on the keyboard. I also used a bread loaf pan … Read more

Coolest Computer Keyboard Cake

Homemade Computer Cake

My friend wanted a cake for her nephew. Well she wanted it to be a computer cake and so I went with that. The cake is chocolate. I made three half sheet cakes. Two of them were layered and then cover with marshmallow fondant that I colored brown and made sure not to get the … Read more

Coolest Laptop Monster Computer Cake

Homemade Laptop Monster Computer Cake

I made this Laptop Monster Computer Cake for my 13 year old grandson. He is one of twins and he likes browsing the Internet. He also likes the look of Monster Energy drinks logo so I decided to combine the two. The bottom is a 11×18 sheet cake. The laptops bottom is a 9×13 cut … Read more

Coolest Apple Computer Cake

Homemade Apple Computer Cake

I made this Apple Computer Cake for a friend’s brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. He works in IT. I baked two high rectangular chocolate cakes which I then cut and sandwich with chocolate mouse and set them into a Notebook shape. I was given a very short notice for the cake and I was doing two cakes … Read more

Coolest PC Cake

Homemade PC Cake

This PC Cake was made for the TSG departments at UPS. The keyboard is made of rice crispies covered in mm fondant. The computer is yellow cake in a 13×9 pan covered in mm fondant and the monitor, (here’s the hard part) the front is rice crispies and the back I used a loaf pan … Read more

Coolest Desktop PC Birthday Cake

Homemade Desktop PC Birthday Cake

It was my husband’s 30th birthday. He’s getting his master’s in computer science so I thought I’d try a Desktop PC Birthday Cake. I’ve never done anything this elaborate before. I used a 9″x9″ square pan for the screen, making 4 layers. I sloped down the back with a bread knife, used white icing for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Laptop Birthday Cake

Homemade Laptop Birthday cake

This is a Laptop cake we made for my husband for his 52nd birthday. He loves to play on the computer. We used pieces of Hershey bars for the keyboard, and white buttercream frosting for the letters. The cake was covered in homemade chocolate frosting. The cake was made from scratch, using a recipe that … Read more