Coolest iPod Touch Birthday Cake

Homemade iPod Touch Birthday Cake

This is an iPod Touch Birthday Cake for my son’s 12th birthday. He was getting an iPod touch as his birthday gift which inspired this cake. This is my first fondant cake and he was pretty happy. Firstly I made a chocolate mud cake from one cake mix because this is my son’s favorite. I … Read more

Cool Homemade White iPod Cake

iPod Cake

I made this iPod cake for my nephews 14th Birthday. Quick and simple cake to use. Make whatever cake you want (I used Banana as I find it best to have a heavy cake with white icing). Cut into a rectangle shape. Jam (jelly) the top and sides. Roll white icing to about 3mm (sorry … Read more

Coolest and Easiest iPod Cake

Homemade iPod Cake

I made this iPod cake for my son’s 15th birthday party. I came up with the idea because my son is always attached to his iPod, oddly not his phone, his iPod. The cake was a strawberry 9×13. I first cut the cake in half and filled it with my homemade butter cream frosting-super easy … Read more

Cool iPod Cake

Ipod Cake

I made this Ipod cake for a friend’s birthday. I had done 3 sugarcraft lessons in the summer and decided it’d be nice if I made her a cake. Took me a while to do it and a lot of frustration and finicky bits, but all in all I enjoyed it. Now I just need … Read more

Coolest Iphone Cake

Homemade Iphone Cake

I made this IPhone cake for my stepdaughter’s birthday. I decided to make this cake because she had asked for an Iphone for her birthday and was getting one from her mom. I started by preparing a batch of fondant (marshmallows, water, vanilla, and powdered sugar). After kneading the fondant to a workable state, I … Read more

Cool Homemade iPod Birthday Cake

Homemade Ipod Birthday Cake

I made this Ipod birthday cake from two layers, 12X8, yellow cake filled with vanilla bean buttercream. I made it for a my friend’s husband who is obsessed with his Ipod. The cake is covered with marshmallow fondant. The decorations are made of marshmallow fondant, painted with silver glitter powder, piped buttercream and decorating gel.

Coolest Ipod Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Ipod Birthday Cake Design

This Homemade Ipod Birthday Cake Design was a birthday cake for my friend’s son. We tried to use his apps. I hand made the apps squares and then painted each one with my daughters help. We used silver dust to create depth. The hardest thing was coloring the white fondant black. I wanted to use … Read more

Coolest Black iPod Birthday Cake

Homemade Black iPod Birthday Cake

I made this homemade black iPod birthday cake for my brother in law, he was sooo excited! It was really easy. I baked a classic yellow cake mix on a flat pan and I covered it with black fondant, then decorated with circles hand painted… was fun!

Cool Homemade iPhone Cake

Coolest iPhone Cake

My son has an iPhone3. His wish is to have an iPhone 4. So I decided to bake him an iPhone 4 cake on his 14th birthday. I baked a rectangular sheet cake, making sure it is not too think so as to keep to the actual phone’s proportion. The cake is then cut into … Read more

Cool DIY iPod Birthday Cake

Homemade  Ipod Birthday Cake

After I made my husband’s 30th birthday beach cake my girlfriend asked me to make her 30th birthday cake. As long as I’ve known her she always loved music. And whenever she’s at home she always has her IPOD playing some docking station. This Ipod Birthday Cake is 3-layer 13×9 cake. I used 2 yellow … Read more

Cool Homemade Justin Bieber IPOD Cake

Homemade Justin Bieber IPOD Cake

This Justin Bieber IPOD Ccake was an inexpensive and easy cake to make. I made it for my niece’s 10th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEY! It was yellow cake with marshmallow fondant. I printed a picture of Justin Bieber on a piece of card stock. I colored leftover fondant purple and black to accent the cake … Read more

Fun Homemade iPhone Cake

Homemade iPhone Cake

Firstly, thanks for your site, I regularly check in to see what’s new. Now about this cake, I think it may be the first iPhone cake posted on this site. I used chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream icing for the filling. I used chocolate buttercream icing for the outside of the cake, tinting it … Read more