Coolest Xbox Birthday Cake

Homemade Xbox Birthday Cake

My son, for his 11th birthday, wanted an Xbox birthday cake that looked just like his Xbox, complete with a controller. His friend, being ever so helpful, asked where the game was, so I had to add that too! I used a typical rectangular baking pan (two layers) and then carved it the shape of … Read more

Coolest Nintendo DS Birthday Cake

Homemade Nintendo DS Birthday Cake

This is a Nintendo DS Birthday Cake that I made for my friend’s son. I simply made a 13×9 chocolate cake and removed a small portion of the bottom to make it more size appropriate. I used regular vanilla frosting from the store because I have found that it is the best consistency to decorate … Read more

Coolest PlayStation Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids 9

In creating this Playstation2 console cake, I baked a simple 9×13 white/chocolate cake. I used black food coloring to create the icing. Once the frosting was smoothed on (using a butter knife and a little water) I used blue/green frosting to write the PS2 on the top. The controller was a little more difficult. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Wii Cake

Homemade Wii Cake

My nephew had a friend’s “Wii Birthday Bash” party for his 10th Birthday. I made this Wii Cake using 9×13 pan and fondant. I also added the blank CD for finishing touches and just used our Wii as a guideline to decorate.

Coolest Wii Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Wii Birthday Cake Design

I made this Homemade Wii Birthday Cake Design for my son’s 10th birthday party, and it received amazing reviews! It’s truly easier than it looks. First, bake two 9-inch square cakes. After they cool, trim the top of each to make a flat surface. Then, add a filling of choice to the top of one … Read more

Coolest Xbox 360 Controller Birthday Cake

Homemade Xbox 360 Controller Birthday Cake

My son is a huge gamer, so I thought what a better idea for a Xbox 360 Controller Birthday Cake, he just turned 11. I bought a standard white cake mix, I used white because I was making the white Xbox 360 controller. I baked the cake per normal directions (be sure not to use … Read more

Coolest Playstation 2 Cake

Homemade Playstation 2 Cake

This Playstation 2 cake was actually made as a groom’s cake for a wedding, but could just as easily be used as a birthday cake. The groom was a huge video game fan (and still is). This cake was also made just before the new version of the Playstation was released (in case it seems … Read more

Coolest Xbox 360 Birthday Cake

Homemade Xbox 360 Birthday Cake

I made this Xbox 360 Birthday Cake for a friend’s son’s birthday. Pretty easy to do. Really just carved out the basic shape of the xbox console then covered in fondant and spray painted black (could leave white as well). The game is just a thick rolled out piece of fondant that was hand painted … Read more

Coolest Xbox Birthday Cake

Homemade Xbox Birthday Cake

My Xbox birthday cake was for my nephew who is totally obsessed with his Xbox, so I thought it was the perfect cake for him. The bottom tier was a white cake with chocolate pudding and bananas, the controller was sculpted out of rice crispy treats and so was the Xbox. I used piping to … Read more

Coolest Playstation Birthday Cake

Homemade Playstation Birthday Cake

My nephew wanted a Playstation birthday cake for his 8th Birthday. I decided I would give this cake a try. I baked a white cake mix in a 9×13 cake pan and a chocolate in 2 9 inch pans. The center is the 9×13 white and the ends are 1 of the 9inch cakes cut … Read more

Coolest Xbox 360 Birthday Cake

Homemade Xbox 360 Birthday Cake

This Xbox 360 Birthday Cake was made for my son’s 16th birthday. He loves to play his video games. I figured it was a cool way of kicking off his gaming party the weekend after his birthday. He invited about 10 of his friends and they had a blast. The System itself is two regular … Read more

Coolest Bachelor Party XBox Cake

Homemade Bachelor Party XBox Cake

A friend of mine who had asked me to make her wedding cake, also asked if I could make her husband a bachelor party cake. It was the biggest challenge yet, a Bachelor Party XBox Cake! But I was definitely up for it. The cake was a vanilla Oreo cake with vanilla butter cream. It … Read more