Awesome Homemade MAC Makeup Cake

Awesome MAC cake

This cake was made for my daughter, Fabian – who is our princess! – for her 10th birthday. I made this makeup cake has edible sugar images of different MAC products. The cake is a moist and delicious chocolate cake layered with vanilla whipping cream and nutella. Enjoy!

Coolest Homemade Make-Up Themed Cake


I just made this cake for my Youngest Daughter Allyana during her 17th Birthday, she’s really dreaming of having a cake like this kind because she really loves make – up. During her free time, she always does her make-up. Practicing different looks. I’m very happy seeing her smile and how happy she was upon … Read more

Coolest Makeup Cake with Case and Cosmetics

Coolest Makeup Cake with Case and Cosmetics

This makeup cake was made for my mother-in-law’s 50th birthday and includes a purse, cosmetic bag and a variety of makeup items which are all edible. Makeup Cake Directions I baked 2 round cakes the day before the party. When cool,  I sandwiched the cakes with buttercream frosting. The cosmetics were made from fondant which I rolled and … Read more

Delicious Homemade Beautiful Birthday Cake With Bling

beautiful birthday cake with bling

Getting the Homemade Cake Order This is a beautiful birthday cake that I received a last minute call about doing and I wasn’t very excited.  I said yes because I rarely ever say no and I thought it might be kind of fun.  I started with a picture I was given of a plain pink cake … Read more

Ice Cream Fashion Cake for Mall Scavenger Hunt

Ice Cream Fashion Cake for Mall Scavenger Hunt

My daughter was having a Mall scavenger hunt for her 12th birthday and when I asked her what kind of cake she wanted she said “surprise me”. So, I came up with a Fashion Cake Idea. I usually make ice cream cakes for my kids because they prefer them to regular cake or cupcakes. The … Read more

Coolest Glamour Birthday Cake for a Fabulous Friend

Coolest Glamour Birthday Cake for a Fabulous Friend

My cake is a two tier cake with two layers in each tier. The bottom tier was made with a 9 inch pan and the top tier with a 6 inch pan. Both tiers are vanilla cake dyed  fuchsia with vanilla frosting. Both tiers are covered in homemade marshmallow fondant which I then sprayed silver … Read more

Coolest 13th Birthday Tiffany & Co. Inspired Cake

Coolest 13th Birthday Tiffany & Co. Inspired Cake

My daughter LOVES Tiffany & Co and Tiffany Blue. I made 3- 10″ round cakes (2 lemon, 1 strawberry) and we dyed the lemon cakes Tiffany Blue. We used Wilton’s Teal and Royal Blue to achieve the color for the cakes and icing. The icing is Whipped Buttercream (In hindsight, I’d have used Fondarific Fondant … Read more

Coolest Teenage Girl Make-Up Kit

Coolest Teenage Girl Make-up Kit

I baked a rectangle cake 12 by 10 in. I used four eggs, just a normal vanilla cake. And an 8 in round cake. I cut the round cake in half and iced with butter icing in the center and around it. I covered the round cake and the base which is a rectangle in … Read more

Coolest Make-Up Cake for 13 Year Old Girl

Coolest Make-Up Cake for 13 Year Old Girl

I made this make-up cake  for my granddaughter’s 13th birthday. I think most girls that age are in to make-up. I  made the lipsticks, blush and brushes, and nail polish with fondant and  the eye shadows were made of melted white chocolate with food coloring. It is one layer of vanilla cake with home made frosting. … Read more

Coolest Bag with Make Up Cake

sooo easy Bag with Make-up cake

First I had some fun creating some make-up, from Liquorice Allsorts, and chewy fruit sweets, a couple of orange matchmakers and some melted chocolate. The mascara end was dipped in chocolate then gently coaxed in chocolate strands to give the brush effect. The bag cake is a 9″ round sandwich cake with jam and butter cream filling. … Read more

Sweet Makeup Cake For An 8 Year Old Girl

My niece told me she wanted a “lipstick” cake for her 8th birthday. At her party there would be nail painting and other girlie stuff. So, I tried to come up with a makeup cake that was cool enough for her but still showed she is still only 8. I made a strawberry box cake … Read more

Diva Cake

Diva Cake

I was recently asked to bake a birthday cake for an 18 year old girl. I was told she liked hot pink, shoes and was a girly-girl.  Since I’m  not into shoe fashion, nor am I a “girly-girl”, the challenge became designing a cake I thought such an 18 year old would like. So, I looked to … Read more

Wild Night Bachelorette Cake

Wild Night Bachelorette Cake

I was put in charge of making dessert for my friend’s bachelorette party. I wanted to do something different besides the cookies shaped like a certain male body part. We had those too! But I wanted a cake to represent our night. I knew I needed a girl for it and thought for a while … Read more

40 Year Old Diva Birthday Cake

40 Year Old Diva Birthday Cake

My sister Jeannie wanted something special for her belated birthday party since she was in the hospital for her 40th birthday. I started by making a 6 inch layer of red velvet and a layer of cherry chip and then a 10 inch layer of red velvet and a layer of cherry chip and filled … Read more

Coolest Leopard and Zebra Birthday Cake

I created this cake for my friends daughters 23rd birhtday. It is a leopard and zebra cake with the inside zebra and leopard print as well. I covered the cake in fondant and hand painted the leopard print onto the first tier after dying the fondant a light tan color. I used brown, gold and … Read more

Ultimate 40th Birthday Girly Cake

Ultimate 40th Birthday Girly Cake

When one of my friends e-mailed me about making a 40th birthday cake for one of our friends, I jumped all over the opportunity. What makes it even more fun was that the party was a surprise. Shhh! Well, I guess it’s okay now, since the party has already taken place.  So, the creative juices … Read more

Coolest Glam Girl Cake

Homemade Glam Girl Cake

I love to make cakes for my kids. I have used this sight to get a lot of my ideas (so thanks everyone). The one thing that I have learned is that everyone’s cake will show up different, but it can work. Mine never looks like the one that I want. So, here’s how I … Read more

Coolest Glamour-Themed Birthday Cakes to Make 1

My youngest daughters 5th birthday theme was dress-up. The cakes had to look like her and her outfit. I used the grass tip to match the fuzzy top. The makeup in her hand and in the purse was the make-up candles from Wilton.s 5th birthday theme was dress-up. The cakes had to look like her … Read more

Coolest Beads Birthday Cake

Homemade Beads Birthday Cake

This Beads Birthday Cake is a 9×13 sheet cake and is a chocolate cake covered in buttercream. I made the flower’s, beads and necklaces from fondant. It was a really fun cake!

Coolest Nail Polish Birthday Cake

Homemade Nail Polish Birthday Cake

I baked this Nail Polish Birthday Cake for my niece’s 8th birthday party, which she chose to have a pedicure party theme for. We found plates and napkins in bright pink with zebra print trim, and I used those for the icing colors (her favorite color is hot pink). I baked two store bought mixes … Read more

Coolest Glamour-Themed Birthday Cakes to Make 2

I made this unique cake for a little girl’s spa birthday party. This cake was made out of fondant over a mask purchased at a craft store. The make-up is molded out of fondant, thanks for looking….

Coolest Dressing Table Cake Design

Homemade Dressing Table Cake Design

This homemade dressing table cake design was rather easy to make. I used a shaped, cake pan which made the dressing table easier to “sculpt”. Then I just placed all her toys that were lying around to beautify the top. Saved lots of time as I don’t know how to sculpt marzipan and was able … Read more

Coolest Spa Girl Cake

Homemade Spa Girl Cake

I began this Spa Girl Cake by making 2- 9 inch round cakes. I layered them and iced with buttercream. I used store bought fondant, and colored it with Wilton’s violet paste. Then, I rolled the fondant and applied it to the cake. I made the face out of a Styrofoam egg shape that I … Read more

Coolest Bratz Birthday Cake

Homemade Bratz  Birthday Cake

This Bratz Birthday Cake is a cookies n cream cake with cream cheese frosting. Start with boxed white cake mix, follow the directions and then fold in a cup or more of chopped Oreo cookies. The frosting is store bought cream cheese, but I added about 1 tablespoon of Crisco and powdered sugar to thicken … Read more