Cool Jewelry Box Cakes and Awesome Unique Birthday Cake Ideas

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I scoured the Web for unique birthday cake ideas and finally came up with this. I baked one sponge in a Swiss roll (rectangular tin) and then cut it in half and filled with buttercream icing and strawberry jam. I made the lid using flower paste (that you make sugar flowers from) as it dries … Read more

Cool Homemade Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake

Homemade Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake

I made this Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake for my twin daughters’ seventh birthdays. I used two square cake pans–10X10 and 8X8. I baked both layers a week ahead and froze them. Frozen cake is much easier to assemble, cut/trim and frost. I crumb-frosted both layers with white buttercream and assembled them. To make the two … Read more

Coolest Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake

Homemade Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake

My granddaughter asked for a “really pretty girl’s cake” for her 8th birthday, so I decided to do a Homemade Ballerina Jewelry Box Cake, since she’s all into Bling! I first decided how big to make the cake. I needed an 8″x10″ lid, which I made out of pink royal icing. I cut a paper … Read more

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for Jewelry Box Cakes 1

This unique birthday cake is very simple. Make two regular box cakes and after cooling cut about two inches off the short end of the cake. You will use one of the pieces for the drawer in the front of the jewelry box. Decorate with regular icing or fondant. Add sugar wafers to the top … Read more

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for Jewelry Box Cakes 2

I got this unique birthday cake from a magazine but let me break it down and make it a bit easier. The lid of the jewelry box which I made the night before should probably be made at least 2 days in advance. Mine fell apart. On a foil lined large baking sheet (I used … Read more

Coolest Trinket Box Cake

Homemade Trinket Box Cake

I simply used 2 heart shaped cakes for the base and lid of the Homemade Trinket Box Cake. I also made a mini loaf which I then cut up in order to “prop” the lid heart of the trinket box onto the base heart so that a gap was created to allow for the flowing … Read more

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for Jewelry Box Cakes 3

This unique birthday cake takes quite awhile to make, but gosh I love the result! :-) It is a 2-layer rectangle cake. The jewel compartments, the lid and the drawer are made of pink chocolate (melted candy); you have to pour the melted chocolate onto a cookie pan and wait until it is almost firm … Read more

Coolest Jewelry Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Jewelry Box Birthday Cake

I made this Jewelry Box Birthday Cake for a friend’s daughter. She wanted a jewelry box with lots of candy coming out of it. I made two 8 by 8’s. I cut off about 2 inches of the back of each cake and stacked them. I frosted them and then made the compartments out of … Read more

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for Jewelry Box Cakes 4

For this unique birthday cake I used a basic cake mix and baked it in a 13×9 pan. I then split the cake in half (so that I had two 6.5×9-inch cakes) and stacked them and frosted them with white frosting. I cut a piece of cardboard the same size – covered it with foil … Read more

Cool Homemade Jewelry Box Cake

Homemade Jewerly Box Cake

My daughter wanted a jewelry box cake for her 4th birthday. I got some ideas for designing jewelry with sweets from various sources such as this web site, and improvised with the ones that are available in South Africa. Most of the web recipe advice suggested Graham crackers – we don’t get them in our … Read more

Pretty Pink Jewelry Box Cake

Homemade Jewelry Box Cake

My daughter wanted a Jewelry Box cake for her birthday. We saw a similar one on another site and I used some of their suggestions. I bought the candy necklaces at Walgreens. I baked my cakes several days ahead of time and wrapped and froze them. I made 2 9×13 white layer cakes. I put … Read more

Coolest Jewelery Box on a Vanity Cake

Homemade Jewelery Box on a Vanity Cake

I was asked to create a cake for a little girl celebrating her 7th birthday where the party theme was making jewelery. To make this Jewelery Box on a Vanity Cake I stacked 2 9×13″ marble cakes and covered with buttercream icing. I then piped on the outline of the drawers. The knobs for the … Read more