Coolest High Heel Cupcake Shoes Fit for a Princess

Coolest High Heel Cupcake Shoes Fit for a Princess

I made these high heel cup cakes for one of my best friend’s for her birthday. She is honestly the best person, she is fit to be a princess. I made the cupcakes with vanilla cup cake mix with a marshmallow fondant to cover the cupcake.  I used white chocolate melts to cover a graham cracker to shape the … Read more

Cool Shoe Cake for Best Friend’s Birthday

Cool Shoe Cake for Best Friend's Birthday

This is a butter pound cake, stacked, and carved in the shape of a converse sneaker (size 10 1/2). Then was frosted in buttercream and covered in fondant, airbrushed in bright yellow with black trim. Holes cut and laces applied. The cake was sitting on the coffee table when she stopped by for coffee. We … Read more

Coolest Basketball Shoe Birthday Cake

This Basketball Shoe birthday cake is ready to walk out of the fridge by itself. It took a lot of pre manufacturing time to think out a process and get the details just right. My uncle contacted me about making him this cake. It seems that everywhere he went they were charging him at least $400. … Read more

Shoes Cake

Ballet Slippers

My niece was in her first ever ballet recital and I wanted to make ballet shoes cakes. I got this idea from a book I was flipping through as I couldn’t find much online for ballet slippers. I used a Martha Stewart pound cake recipe I found online. I figured pound cakes would give me … Read more

Cool Homemade Converse Sneaker Cake

Homemade Converse Sneaker Cake

I made this Converse Sneaker Cake for someone at work’s niece. She wanted a pair of these for her birthday and they had a hard time finding them, so she thinks she is not getting the real sneakers. I baked a 9×13 cake, traced a picture of the bottom of the shoe and added 2 … Read more

Cute Homemade Flip Flop Birthday Cake

Homemade Flip Flop Birthday Cake

As my daughter, Jolie has a summer birthday, most of her parties are summer themed. For her 6th birthday, she insisted that I make her birthday cake. This was my first attempt at making a cool birthday cake. We were doing a flip-flop themed party at a local arts & crafts store, so she wanted … Read more

Coolest Pillow with Shoe Cake

Homemade Pillow with Shoe Cake

I made this Pillow with Shoe Cake for a party girl turning 21 and she loved her one pair of high heel shoes so I made a shoe to replicate it sitting on a pink Zebra print pillow. For the pillow I used the Wilton pillow pan, French vanilla cake with chocolate ganache and caramel … Read more

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for a Shoe Cake 0

I made this cake for my friends daughter’s “Aloha” (backyard water fun) birthday. I got my birthday cake decorating ideas from this site. I made them from two 9×13 sheet cakes and froze them so shaping them would be easier. They were shaped into a left and right foot (I originally shaped them the same … Read more

Sneaker Cake

Sneaker Cake

My dad is in a group of guys that run every morning and they were all coming over for dinner so we thought it would be super fun to make a cake in the shape of a sneaker! We chose his college school colors for the frosting. Here’s how we made the cake: We used … Read more

Cool Homemade Flip Flop Birthday Cake for a Sweet Sixteen

Homemade Flip Flop Birthday Cake

We threw a surprise luau party for my sister’s 16th birthday and made her this Flip Flop birthday cake. I bought a flip flop cookie cutter and cut the flip flop shape out and then froze them to make movement easier. We then iced them and put Xtreme Sour Belt candy around the bottom for … Read more

Coolest Shoe Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Shoe Birthday Cake Design

This is my first attempt at making a shoe box cake (with shoe) which was for my niece’s 18th Birthday. I wanted to make something different for her so committed myself by saying I’d do it then having a bit of a panic! However, one step at a time and it all paid off along … Read more

Coolest Luau Theme Cake

Homemade Luau Theme Cake

I baked two 12 inch round cakes. Cut out slipper template and placed them over the cakes and cut the shape out. Crumb coat the Luau theme cake. Used fondant to mold the details for the slippers Ice them using star nozzles and place the details on the cakes. Scatter crushed cookies and sugar to … Read more

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for a Shoe Cake 1

The flip flops are pound cakes cut in the shape of actual flip flops. I made a stencil from tracing around my daughters flip flop and transferring it to the cake made in a 9×13″ pan. I cut them out and iced them. The straps are made out of fondant that I molded to the … Read more

Coolest Sneaker Cake

Homemade Nike Ferris Hightop Sneaker Cake

I made this Sneaker Cake for a teenage boy who collects basketball sneakers; his favorite at the moment was the Nike Ferris Hightop which is named and designed after the title character in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. I used 3 half sheet cakes, filled and stacked them, cut the basic shape of the … Read more

Cute Homemade Zebra Patterned Flip Flop Birthday Cake

Homemade Flip Flop Birthday Cake

For a joint party we had a Luau my 15 year old wanted a zebra Flip Flop Birthday Cake. We baked a regular box mix in an 11 by 13 pan. I made a pattern from regular printer paper and cut it out. I froze the cake for about 10 minutes after cooling. Then I … Read more

Coolest Converse Shoe Cake Design

Homemade Converse Shoe Cake Design

This Converse Shoe Cake Design was made for my daughter’s 13th birthday. She loves converse, so decided to make her this cake for her Punk Rock Birthday Theme. I used 2-13×9 cakes stacked on top of each other, with buttercream frosting. For the fondant, I made a marshmallow fondant, which is marshmallows and 1 tablespoon … Read more

Coolest Nike Just Do It Cake

Homemade Nike Just Do It Cake

This Nike Just Do It Cake was made for a Tomboy Girl, she loves Nike shoes and wanted her favorite pair re-created in cake. Both the shoe and box were hand sculpted and covered in fondant.

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for a Shoe Cake 2

For this cake I baked a half sheet then two loaf pans (for the shoes). After I iced the sheet and made it look like a beach towel I cut the (frozen) loaf pans into the shape of flip flops. I angled them just so onto the sheet and then used licorice strips as the … Read more

Coolest Stack of Shoe Boxes with a Gucci Shoe Cake


This stack of shoe boxes with a Gucci shoe cake is my most requested cake! The entire cake is edible even the shoe! Each box is a different cake flavor. The bottom box is Vanilla and chocolate, the middle box is Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting and the top box with lid is Chocolate … Read more

Coolest High Heels Cake

Homemade High Heels Cake

This High Heels Cake was made for a young lady who loves high heel shoes! She loves the color green just about as much and is always dressed her best. The cake was a two layer vanilla cream cake with vanilla frosting. It was covered with a layer of green fondant and small dots made … Read more

Coolest Flip Flops Cake Design

Homemade Flip Flops Cake Design

This Flip Flops Cake Design was my first attempt at cake decorating in about 12 years. I wanted to surprise my daughter for her 13th birthday so I started looking for ideas on line. I didn’t even have a theme, but I ran across a pattern for this flip flops cake on the Wilton website … Read more

Coolest Nike Soccer Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Nike Soccer Baby Shower Cake

I was asked by a friend of a friend to make a boy’s baby shower cake for her friend (already three degrees of Kevin Bacon!). I was sent five idea photos ranging from a Louis Vuitton diaper bag to a teddy bear. The only stipulations were that the cake be two tiers and decorated in … Read more

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for a Shoe Cake 3

I took a brand new pair of flip flops and traced the shape onto poster board paper. I cut it out and placed my template over a sheet cake. Cut with a sharp serrated knife around the stencil. Flipped over the template and did the same thing on another sheet cake (making left and right … Read more

Cool Homemade Sneaker Cake

Homemade Sneaker Cake

This Sneaker Cake was made for a colleague who was leaving to work elsewhere. She is also an avid runner. It comprises of a Victoria sponge cake shaped into a running shoe, covered in fondant icing and filled with chocolates.