Coolest Garden Scene Cake Recipes 6

This birthday cake design was made from my own buttercream recipe and fondant, which I hand-painted all of the fondant. I spoke with the mother and child on what style cake they wanted and the child wanted corn stalks and a pumpkin patch. He also wanted to make sure that a tractor would be incorporated … Read more

Cool Homemade 2-Tier Fairy Garden Cake

Fairy Garden Cake

This fairy garden cake is a milk chocolate mud cake with buttercream icing. The flowers are all made from fondant with royal icing centers. The mushrooms and figures of the fairy and pixie are fondant. I made the butterfly using rice paper. I painted the image using food colouring paste diluted with water on one … Read more

Coolest Garden Lover’s Birthday Cake

Homemade Garden Lover's Birthday Cake

I started this Garden Lover’s birthday cake with a 1/2 sheet cake and cut it in half and iced it with butter cream icing. I used 2 muffin tins to make the flower pots and iced them. I bought 2 candy flower roses on clearance at a cake decorating store and used those on top … Read more

Coolest Garden Scene Cake Recipes 7

I made this cake for the end of the year Girl Scout party. You could use it for any occasion, such as a birthday party. Its one of those very simple cake recipes, but the girls really loved it! I baked a double layer vanilla sheet cake and frosted it with light blue tinted buttercream … Read more

Coolest Garden Scene Cake

Garden Scene Cake

Ann-Christine was turning eleven so I made her favorite chocolate cake. She loves being outdoors, and she’ll totally get engrossed in her own little world once she’s got her book to read, her iPod and Kaasy, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She likes to tune out and we let her be. Based on that, it … Read more

Coolest Garden Cake

Homemade Garden Lovers Cake

The design of this garden cake is not exclusively mine though, I tend to take bits and pieces of ideas from other online cakes to create mine. The two flower pots were made from a cupcake and a mini-mini-cake pan. The pot of mum’s is my favorite and was so simple to do using a … Read more

Coolest Garden Scene Cake Recipes 8

I made this “Bugs and Butterfly” cake for my daughter Hannahs 5th Birthday Party. It’s one of those cake recipes that are so easy to make!! I bought small butterfly cookie cutters and rolled out white fondant, then cut out the butterfly shapes. I then “painted” the fondant butterflies with gel food colors mixed with … Read more