Coolest Garden Tools Cake

Homemade Garden Tools Cake

This Garden Tools Cake was for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday. It was my first fondant cake I’ve ever made (my daughter helped with the decorations). I made my own marshmallow fondant myself. I really like the taste of the fondant, but had some issues covering the cake. Being a newbie, I’m not sure if I used … Read more

Coolest Gardening Tools and Pots Cake

Homemade Gardening Tools and Pots Cake

I made this Gardening Tools and Pots Cake for my Father in Law. I made the tools and pots out of sugerpaste. The ‘mud’ in the pots is chocolate buttercream. One has sprinkles in it and the other has a sugerpaste tree. The pots are attached to the cake with a small bit of spaghetti.

Coolest Garden Birthday Cake

Homemade Garden Birthday Cake

I got the idea for this Garden Birthday Cake from the Wilton web site. I made this as a birthday cake for my father in law. I made a carrot cake and used carrots from our garden so I wanted it to have a garden theme. It was just two 9 inch round cakes. I … Read more