Coolest Toadstool Birthday Cake

Homemade Toadstool Birthday Cake

For my daughter Kaeli’s 3rd birthday she saw the cover of the Woman’s Weekly Cake book in the newsagent and said THIS ONE MUM. So we did it and made her a Toadstool Birthday Cake. I used 3 Green’s buttercake packets and cooked two sizes in pudding steamers. I turned one upside down and used … Read more

Coolest Scarecrow Cake

Homemade Scarecrow Cake

I made this Scarecrow Cake for a church fall cake walk after seeing something similar in a magazine. I used a baking bowl and unfortunately, due to a time issue, used a triple chocolate fudge cake mix. I coated the cake in cream cheese icing, unfortunately also purchased from the grocery store shelf. I used … Read more

Coolest Free Cake Decorating Ideas 2

My 6-year-old Alison wanted a miss spider and the sunny patch friend’s party. She wanted a tree cake with all the bugs in it. I made one sheet cake and 3 round cakes. Then I arranged them to look like a tree and frosted with star tip. She loved it. I will tell you now— … Read more