Cool Magical Woodland Cake

Cool Magical Woodland Cake

I made this magical woodland cake at the request of a friend. She wanted a cake with a WOW factor for a School Fete Raffle. My friend said it was up to me what I made, so I thought about it and came with an idea I thought would be perfect for a school. This … Read more

Homemade Birch Bark Wedding Cake

Homemade Birch Bark Wedding Cake

This birch bark wedding cake is one of my most favorite to date. I run a homebased cake business, so when I had a bride requeset this style cake I was a little nervous of pulling it off. But I was quick to find out that it would be an enjoyable task to create this … Read more

Cool Books and Stump Cake for a Lumberjill

Cool Books and Stump Cake for a Lumberjill

This was a fun cake to make. I was a made for a teacher who was getting married. She asked for two cakes one that represented her and what she liked and one for her future husband. They were for their rehersal dinner. She is a Lumberjill and loves the forest, science and teaching. I … Read more

Beautiful Fall Scene Cake

Beautiful Fall Scene Cake

This beautiful Fall Scene cake is one of my FAVORITE cakes I have done ! I love the fall season and all the colorful fall leaves as depicted on this cake ! This look was very simple, I used a leaf tip with different colors ! Very easy, very eye catching and a wonderful theme cake … Read more

Coolest Tree Cake

Coolest Tree Cake

My second girl was turning 15. It had to be special since everybody knows I bake cakes. She didn’t want the usual, it was difficult to pick a theme. So she loves green! And then we found the most wonderful place with a view of a big tree house.  That’s when she decided to include trees, … Read more

Pot Plant Cake

Edible Pots

My dad is an avid gardener, so I made him a pot plant cake. I used new terracotta pots from the garden center. I washed them well and then dried them out in the oven to kill off any nasties before using to bake. I bought a couple of sizes to get a better effect. … Read more

Coolest Potted Plant Cake

Homemade Potted Plant Cake

This was a potted plant cake I made for my niece’s housewarming party in her new apartment. I was looking for something to fit the theme and thought a plant was a very common gift for someone’s new home. The cake is 4 layers of homemade cake, 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla. The 3 bottom … Read more

Coolest Log Cake

Homemade Log Cake

This log cake was a simple triple layer cake (you can make it any flavor), with red raspberry filling. I stacked up 3 single layer round cakes with filling in between each layer. I put a thin crumb coat of icing on the cake and covered it with rolled white fondant. I puckered the edges … Read more

Coolest Bonsai Tree Cake

Homemade Bonsai Tree Cake

I have a friend who is Chinese. When I asked her what she liked she told me trees and rabbits. So I made her this Bonsai tree cake. I baked an 9 x 11 chocolate cake (I use strictly Duncan Hines, unless it is a specialty cake like red velvet or carrot). I piped the … Read more

Coolest Planter Cake

Homemade Planter Cake

This Planter cake is a really easy cake to make. Make a chocolate loaf tin cake for the base, cover it with chocolate butter cream then add chocolate fingers round the edge to give it the planter effect. The flowers are made using colored regal icing and need very little skill. Take a pea size … Read more

Coolest Chica Chica Boom Boom Cake

Homemade Chica Chica Boom Boom Cake

My son is crazy about Chica Chica Boom Boom, the book, so he had a birthday party around this theme. We had homemade Chica Chica Boom Boom Cake and pinata. The preparation was as fun as the party, he was so excited! I used a plain yellow cake, with chocolate filling, and royal icing with … Read more

Coolest Free Cake Decorating Ideas 0

This cake was a gift for my sons teacher at the beginning of the school year. I got free cake decorating ideas from a family tree cake I’d seen in my decorating class. I used a #16 tip to make the trunk branches and spring blossoms. I used a tip #67 for the summer and … Read more

Coolest Free Cake Decorating Ideas 1

I made this cake for my moms birthday. As she loves beaches and water I made this palm tree cake. I drew the palm tree free-handed and used piping gel on wax paper and inverted design on the cake. I used stiff butter cream frosting for the decorations. But tried a whipped frosting for the … Read more

Coolest Free Cake Decorating Ideas 2

My 6-year-old Alison wanted a miss spider and the sunny patch friend’s party. She wanted a tree cake with all the bugs in it. I made one sheet cake and 3 round cakes. Then I arranged them to look like a tree and frosted with star tip. She loved it. I will tell you now— … Read more

Coolest Free Cake Decorating Ideas 3

This cake was for my daughter’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom luau birthday party. She loves that book. I also baked cupcakes and made chocolate frosting so they would be coconuts with the letters of the alphabet on them. I baked 2 round cakes (large – I actually used a skillet instead of a cake pan). … Read more

Coolest Free Cake Decorating Ideas 4

For my daughters 7th birthday, we decided to a Magic Tree House birthday since she is so into those books. I loved all the party ideas and free cake decorating ideas I found on the internet, but I couldn’t find any free cake decorating ideas for a tree house cake. So I used Wilton’s flowerpot … Read more

Coolest Free Cake Decorating Ideas 5

This free cake decorating ideas came from Debbie Browns Fabulous character cakes, and is the theme of Brambly Hedge. Not a programme showing on NZ TV but a memory from childhood, perhaps it is different in the UK. I did this for my daughter Dominique’s first birthday. It took me about 12 hours all up. … Read more