Coolest Homemade 2 Tiered Gift Box Cake

Coach and Tiffany's Gift Box Cake

This cake was for a graduation party. Since the person graduating loves fashion I decided to do a Coach and Tiffany’s gift box cake. The cakes were 6″ & 8″ squares covered with buttercream and fondant. I drew the Coach symbols on parchment paper and filled them in with melted chocolate (using a #3 tip). … Read more

Coolest Gift Box Cake Ideas 0

I made this gift box cake for a baby shower recently. It was supposed to be chocolate but I wanted to make it girly so I decided to add the bow made of gum paste (basically fondant). I made it a day ahead, dyed the paste pink, cut into strips and dried the loops over … Read more

Coolest Monkey Gift Cake

Homemade Monkey Gift Cake

A friend was having a birthday party for her son turning one, she had plates and napkings with this pattern and I copied them to the cake. Everything on cake is fondant except the sticks to hold up the monkey heads. I also made a individual small cake for the boy. I frosted the cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Gift Box Cake for a Baby Shower

Homemade Gift Box Cake

This Gift Box Cake was a cake I made for my best friend’s cousin. It was for a Baby Shower, it was actually just my second fondant cake. I made the fondant with marshmallows & 10x sugar (it taste great) adding pink coloring. I made it days before and also the chocolate fondant made with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gift Box Cake With Fondant Flowers

Homemade Gift Box Cake

This whole Gift Box Cake is edible except for the real pearls. The box top is a cake, the bottom and the pillow are cakes also. The flowers are all made from fondant. This is my first gift box cake and I haven’t been working with fondant very long, this is the first time that … Read more

Coolest Present Cake

Homemade Present Cake

A friend of my daughter’s wanted a black and pink cake and this Present Cake is what I made. I started by making the bow as this needed to be left for a few days to dry out. I colored ½ flower paste, ½ fondant icing in different colored pinks. This was then rolled out … Read more

Coolest Gift Box Cake Ideas 1

I made this gift box cake from scratch for an employees surprise 18th birthday celebration. The bottom layer is a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream covered in chocolate fondant. The second layer is a yellow cake with raspberry filling, lemon buttercream and marshmallow fondant. The ribbons were made with chocolate fondant. There is a … Read more

Coolest Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

I made this baby shower cake for my friend’s baby shower. They had purchased a diaper cake and wanted the cake look exactly like it. So I made one of each 10 in cake, 8 in cake, and 6 in cakes and stacked them with vanilla buttercream in between the layers. Then frosted the entire … Read more

Coolest Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Dora Box  Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Dora and when she turned three I themed her birthday party Dora the Explorer. I had the idea to make her cake in the form of a box birthday cake, so I decided to make it as a big square and a smaller square. The cake was made from a chocolate mixture. … Read more

Coolest 70th Gift Box Cake

Homemade 70th Gift Box Cake

I made this 70th Gift Box Cake for my mana’s 70th birthday! I used a 10″ square cake tin. The cake is a vanilla sponge with strawberry and butter cream icing middle. I made the pink bow out of fondant and for all the pink detailing I used Tesco’s pink icing in a tube, very … Read more

Coolest Christmas Present Cake

Homemade Christmas Present Cake

A friend of mine told me about her Christmas tradition of making a birthday cake for Jesus and since I am always looking for new reasons to make a cake I ran with it. This Christmas Present Cake is just two white almond cakes made in 9″ square pans filled with chocolate ganache and covered … Read more

Coolest Gift Box Cake Ideas 2

I just made this gift box cake in a square cake tin (medium sized) with pink sponge and cream filling. I then covered it in white regalia icing, made the ribbon with red icing and cut out the spots with a small round cutter. This was one of the first cakes I made and it … Read more

Coolest Quilted Bow Cake

Homemade Quilted Bow Cake

I started this quilted bow cake by making two white roses out of flower paste. These were left to harden over night. I also made a bow out of icing which needed to harden overnight. I then baked 3 x 8” sandwich cakes and these were left to go cold. I then filled it with … Read more

Coolest Present Birthday Cake

Homemade Present Birthday Cake

I made this present birthday cake for my niece’s birthday. It is a four layer devils food cake made with an 8in square pan. It is covered in white buttercream and fondant cutouts, the bow is made from white fondant that was made the day before so it was able to harden.

Coolest Prettiest Pink Gift Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Prettiest Pink Gift Box Birthday Cake

This Homemade Prettiest Pink Gift Box Birthday Cake was for for my mum’s 65th birthday. I started of with making a 14″ and a 9″ cake. I made almond butter cake and covered with marzipan and then plastic icing (fondant). I cut strips of fondant and placed them on the cake to look like a … Read more

Coolest Christmas Presents Cake

Homemade Christmas Presents Cake

This Christmas Presents Cake is a stack of Wrapped Cakes made to look like the real thing! The bottom tier is white cake with white fondant and a silver dusted bow. I used vodka to apply the silver dusting, it helps it to stick to the fondant and then evaporates leaving just the silver dust … Read more

Coolest Gift Box Cake Ideas 3

After making a number One cake for my son I was asked to make a number 50 for a friends birthday but I didn’t want to make cakes with curves without time to practice so convinced my friend I would make a gift box cake instead. I looked online for ideas and saw a few … Read more

Coolest Big Bow Cake

Homemade Big Bow Cake

My Big Bow Cake was made for my sister for her birthday, it consists of 2 layers and a lot of time on my behalf since I have really only just started this cake making skill. The bottom layer is a 22” round milk chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream then covered in a purple … Read more

Coolest Gift Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Gift Box Birthday Cake

I had a friend who I just could not figure out how to decorate her cake. I decided since I told her her cake would be my birthday present to her, why not make it literally a Gift Box Birthday Cake. Searching this site, I loved the quilted/diamond shape design and the gift that had … Read more

Coolest Zebra Print Gift Box Cake

Homemade Zebra Print Gift Box Cake

I made this Zebra Print Gift Box Cake for my sister’s 25th birthday. She wanted it to be girlie with zebra and pink. As my family and most people do not like the taste of fondant I always ice it with buttercream really smooth to look as if flat as fondant then add all fondant … Read more

Coolest Gift-wrapped Box Happy Birthday Cake Ideas 0

I got the idea for this happy birthday cake from a picture in a Wilton magazine. Inside is vanilla and chocolate cake. Outside I used marshmallow fondant. To make marshmallow fondant all you do is melt marshmallows and powdered sugar together. Grease the counter with Crisco and dump the mixture on to it. Knead until … Read more

Coolest Bow Cake

Homemade Bow Cake

This bow cake was made for a friend’s 22nd birthday. The cake inside is s butter cake recipe (Duncan Hines and it tasted really yummy). Its iced with a crusting buttercream recipe (then I dyed a soft pink). I then used the paper towel method (Google it) to smooth out my edges (icing a cake … Read more

Coolest Present Birthday Cake

Homemade Present Birthday Cake

This Present Birthday Cake was my second attempt at making a cake with fondant. My husband and my mother-in-law have birthdays close together, so I decided to make a square present for the both of them. The cake was a homemade peanut butter cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and covered with homemade fondant. The bow … Read more

Coolest Present Birthday Cake

Homemade Present Birthday Cake

I made this Present Birthday Cake for my niece’s 2nd birthday. I got the idea from the book Confetti Cakes for Kids by Elisa Strauss. I began by making the tissue paper out of gum paste that I coloured blue. I rolled it quite thin, cut it into varying sizes of squares and then set … Read more