Birthday Message Graffiti Cake for Bad, Bad Boys

Birthday Message Graffiti Cake for Bad, Bad Boys

All my son wanted for his 11th birthday was to have six friends stay the night. And despite the protests of my husband and daughter I let him do it because I wanted him to have the best birthday ever. And he did. Six over-excited boys arrived, armed with Nerf guns and ready to party. … Read more

Coolest Graffiti Birthday Cake

Homemade Graffiti Birthday Cake

The birthday boy is really into famous logos, so his mom asked me to make him a birthday cake with that in mind. I had never even heard of some of these logo’s before, so I thought it was an interesting request. After finding all the logos online I went to work on ideas of … Read more

Coolest Graffiti Cake

Homemade Graffiti Cake

I made this graffiti cake for a son’s 17th birthday. It’s a full sheet, that I baked, let cool, crumb coated and then final iced with the desired, ‘brick’ color icing! After the cake crusted over, I applied the brick design simply adding lines with tip #3, over the entire cake. I then added the … Read more