Surprise Camp Cake for a Groom

Surprise Camp Cake for a Groom

This is a camp cake from the Groom’s actual camp! My friend who was getting married never heard of a Groom’s cake when I told her about it. She was thrilled and wanted me to do their camp because it was his pride and joy because he built it from the ground up! So I … Read more

Cool Tree House Cake for the Kid in All of Us

Cool Tree House Cake for the Kid in All of Us

I will admit that when I got the request for this tree house cake, I was more than a bit nervous. I decorate cakes. I am not a contractor, but I knew I would have to construct a good foundation for this to work. I took two pieces of wood for the base of each … Read more

Coolest Tornado and House Cake

I am a home/hobby baker and created a few party cakes for my son’s kindergarten class. Every year the local weather man comes to each school in the area to talk to the kindergarten children and the school usually gives him a little cake as a thank you. Over the past 35 years it has … Read more

Coolest House Birthday Cake

Making a house a home

I was asked to create a cake in the shape of a house for special lady’s 70th birthday by her children. The house is the epicentre of the family so it had to be a replica of the family home. The first thing to consider was getting the shape right. It was difficult to get … Read more

Coolest Yurt Shaped Cake

Coolest Yurt Shaped Cake

I made this  home from home pot cake for my daughter and her boyfriend. They live in a yurt in the north of France – it’s very cold there but apparently a yurt is an extremely warm environment. They actually cut and carved the wood for the frame, cut out and sewed the canvas, got fleeces … Read more

Coolest Pub cake

Coolest Pub cake

This Pub cake was for a 10 year celebration for the pub’s landlady who is a good friend of mine. I wanted to do something different and thought it would be fun to make her pub. I started by baking 3 x 10” square cakes, which I then cut into 2 (one was approx 7” and the … Read more

Coolest Log Cabin Cake

Homemade Log Cabin Cake

This was done as a groom’s cake for my wedding. The cabin is three Wilton house Cakes put together and using the resulting “sides” as the front. The chimney is butter cream and candy stones on a cereal treat chimney and the stream is blue piping gel with a border of random rocks. The chopping … Read more

Coolest Cottage Cake

Homemade Cottage Cake

I baked this Cottage Cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday, since she loves the idea of living in a house surrounded by a garden. I used my favorite sponge cake recipe (eggless since we are vegetarians) to make 2 rectangular cakes, one was used as the base (the garden) and the other for the cottage. … Read more

Coolest Log Cabin Birthday Cake

Homemade Log Cabin Birthday Cake

This Log Cabin Birthday Cake is a 1/2 sheet cake and a 1/4 sheet cake. The cabin was cut into squares and the the top was carved into a roof. The logs were cereal straws with chocolate buttercream iced behind them. The roof was made out of graham crackers. There is a garden and fondant … Read more

Coolest Igloo Cake

Igloo Cake

When my 3 daughters had a combined Alaska themed birthday party, my 5 year old wanted huskies on her Igloo cake, as they are her favorite dog! I made a box cake mix and made my own buttercream icing. I baked the cake in a rectangular pan that I have which is about 10 x … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 0

I got the birthday cake decorating ideas to make a house from my mommy. My grandparents had been away for about a month and I wanted to make them a cake so we could have a party when they returned. She told me to make a “home sweet home” cake but I decided to step … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 1

These are my favorite Christmas chocolate biscuit houses I make every year. Even though this is a Christmas cake I used birthday cake decorating ideas from this site. Each is made with two rectangular and two triangle biscuits (plus a couple of pine-shaped ones) which I make myself with rolled out pastry.Royal icing helps the … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 2

This cake was difficult to make because I was using a limited supply of pans and shapes. I first had to design it and take actual measurements so I could use the paper as a pattern for my birthday cake decorating ideas.For the roof I cut out a triangle and iced them. I placed graham … Read more

Coolest Blues House Birthday Cake

Homemade Blues House Birthday Cake

My baby loves Blues Clues! Only Blues Clues is not fresh anymore, so it’s really hard to find things pre-made. I spent a fortune on Ebay trying to collect the right figurines. This Blues House Birthday Cake was my first cake ever, so it had some “flaws”, but that was OK because everyone could see … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 4

My daughter had a “dolly and me tea party” for her 6th birthday. She wanted this dollhouse cake that we had seen in a party magazine a few years ago so I got birthday cake decorating ideas from this magazine.I baked a 9×13 cake, sliced in it half and stacked them on top of each … Read more

Coolest Disney House Cake Design

Homemade  Disney House Cake Design

My husband’s boss wanted an “up” cake for his son’s birthday. While I have a website and sell cakes, I do them from home and am self tought. I wanted to make this Disney House Cake Design perfect, although I would do a few thing differently, my husband found the dimensions for the house from … Read more

Cool Homemade Cottage Cake

Homemade Cottage Cake

I made this cottage cake for my sister’s 12th Birthday. I used a cake square to bake the cake and then cut it in half to build up the cakes width. I bought frosted icing and spread it all over and used a fork to pattern it. For the roof I placed flakes on top … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 6

Here are my birthday cake decorating ideas for an Easter bunny cottage my daughters and I made. As my eight-year old notes, “The pond is the only thing that is not edible” (Its cut from blue plastic, but “rocks” around it are candy). The vegetables have jelly bean bases. Carrots and radishes are jellybeans cut … Read more

Coolest House Cake

Homemade Cake Of Our House

This House Cake is a replica of our home. Three tier cakes (each tier three layers), homemade buttercream (2 batches vanilla, one chocolate for filling), dark chocolate fondant roof, modeling chocolate stairs/eaves/pillars/chimney. Windows and trim are dark chocolate fondant (made in advance), windowpanes are homemade pineapple fruit leather.

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 7

For the gingerbread dough – choose your favorite gingerbread recipe. I checked several on line and chose one that had a light color – to better go with the pink/red/white Valentine theme. You can also download templates from the internet – just use a search engine to look for gingerbread house templates and gingerbread birthday … Read more

Cool Homemade House Birthday Cake

Homemade House Birthday Cake

My son loves Blue’s Clues so I looked everywhere to try and find a cake pan of Blue herself. Having no success, I decided to do the next best thing and bake him a Blue’s House Birthday cake. I used the house cake pan and then decorated the cake like the house in Blue’s Clues. … Read more