Coolest Pub cake

Coolest Pub cake

This Pub cake was for a 10 year celebration for the pub’s landlady who is a good friend of mine. I wanted to do something different and thought it would be fun to make her pub. I started by baking 3 x 10” square cakes, which I then cut into 2 (one was approx 7” and the … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 0

I got the birthday cake decorating ideas to make a house from my mommy. My grandparents had been away for about a month and I wanted to make them a cake so we could have a party when they returned. She told me to make a “home sweet home” cake but I decided to step … Read more

Coolest Bath Cake

Reading In The Bath Cake

My friend always reads in the bath so thought it was apt for me to make her a bath cake, with that in mind. I first baked 2,9″x13″ rectangle cakes. When they were cool, I shaped the edges to appear like a bath. I used an already prepared vanilla frosting and added some almond flavour … Read more

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake Designs 10

My sons 1st birthday party theme was Rubber Ducky. I baked a single layer, 16″ chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling for the base. Then I baked the 3D Duck ( Wilton ‘s pan) using a yellow pound cake recipe. Unfortunately, the duck didn’t rise 100%, so I chopped him in half and laid him … Read more

Coolest Quilt and Bed Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Quilt and Bed Birthday Cake Design

My Mama loves to make homemade quilts. She had a birthday coming up, her 86th birthday. I thought making her a Quilt and Bed Birthday Cake Design would be a fun project for me and a huge surprise for her. The cake is just a yellow sponge cake covered in cream cheese and buttercream frosting … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toilet Cake Photo and Ideas 1

I used two store bought Angel food cakes and one pound cake. The first cake was set upside down. I then cut a slice off the second cake to put on top as the seat. The pound cake was used as the tank of the potty cake. Since Angel food cakes have a center hole … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 1

These are my favorite Christmas chocolate biscuit houses I make every year. Even though this is a Christmas cake I used birthday cake decorating ideas from this site. Each is made with two rectangular and two triangle biscuits (plus a couple of pine-shaped ones) which I make myself with rolled out pastry.Royal icing helps the … Read more

Coolest Hot Tub Cake

Homemade Hot Tub Cake

This Hot Tub Cake was for a friend who graduated with her master’s. They recently purchased a hot tub and thought that should be my theme. The cake was 2 layers with the top having an area hollowed out. It was covered in fondant that I marbled to match the color of their hot tub. … Read more

Coolest Man on Couch Cake

Homemade Man on Couch Cake

This Man on Couch Cake was for my husband’s birthday. It is him sitting on the couch in our living room playing “Mario Kart Wii.” I made two rectangle cakes, one for the base and one for cutting into the various pieces. I cut a couple of rectangles for the couches. I basically formed all … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toilet Cake Photo and Ideas 2

The idea came from a friend of mine who really challenges me to come up with cool cakes. Her now ex-husband worked for Roto-Rooter and she asked me if I had ever made a toilet shaped cake or saw such a cake photo. I mean like, hasnt everyone??? It was really a simple process of … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 2

This cake was difficult to make because I was using a limited supply of pans and shapes. I first had to design it and take actual measurements so I could use the paper as a pattern for my birthday cake decorating ideas.For the roof I cut out a triangle and iced them. I placed graham … Read more

Coolest Bathtub Cake

Bathtub Cake

I made this bathtub cake for my mums 50th a couple of months ago. I knew what I wanted to do and looked for ideas and tips online before starting. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and just decorated the cake from my head. To make this cake I used: 1 X … Read more

Coolest Cake Baking Tips for Creating Bathtub Cakes 0

To make this cake it looks like a lot of work but it is actually very easy. To begin with my cake baking tips for the floor is use any type of box cake you like. On this particular cake I used fondant instead frosting. Either way you decide to frost, it is fine. Once … Read more

Coolest Bed with Quilt Cake

Quilter's Birthday Cake

The cake is a bed with a quilt draped over the top of it. My best friend is a quilter and I used her original quilt design as the pattern for the quilt. I used a half sheet cake pan for the bed. I cut a little off the end to use as the pillow … Read more

Coolest Bathtub Birthday Cake

Homemade Bathtub Birthday Cake

I made this Bathtub Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday. She just loves her rubber duckie. This cake was made from two 9×13 cakes made from box mixes. When both cakes were cooled, I positioned one cake on my serving tray and frosted the outside two inches all around the top of the cake. … Read more

Coolest Cake Baking Tips for Creating Bathtub Cakes 1

I made this cake for my sister in laws baby shower. We were doing a rubber duck theme and this idea just popped into my head. Here are my cake baking tips. For the tub I made four 9×13 cakes (about an inch tall). I layered the first three cakes on top of each other. … Read more

Coolest Bedroom Cake

Homemade Bedroom Cake

This homemade bedroom cake was made out of yellow cake full sheet made for my 2yr old great niece. The furniture was made with rice krispy treats that I hand molded, and covered in fondant. Her mom (mom which is my niece) loved it and so did the rest of her family, they still talk … Read more

Coolest Blues House Birthday Cake

Homemade Blues House Birthday Cake

My baby loves Blues Clues! Only Blues Clues is not fresh anymore, so it’s really hard to find things pre-made. I spent a fortune on Ebay trying to collect the right figurines. This Blues House Birthday Cake was my first cake ever, so it had some “flaws”, but that was OK because everyone could see … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 4

My daughter had a “dolly and me tea party” for her 6th birthday. She wanted this dollhouse cake that we had seen in a party magazine a few years ago so I got birthday cake decorating ideas from this magazine.I baked a 9×13 cake, sliced in it half and stacked them on top of each … Read more

Coolest Baby in a Bath Cake

Homemade Baby in a Bath Cake

My daughter who was turning two loves babies and bath time so I combined the two themes for a Double Bubble Homemade Baby in a Bath Cake. I made two rectangular cakes from a package and stacked them on top of each other and made sure it was long enough to fit a 9X13 blue … Read more

Coolest Cake Baking Tips for Creating Bathtub Cakes 2

This cake was made for my daughters Rubber Ducky themed birthday. She wanted a bathtub. I made two 9×13 sheet cakes. Place the first cake on cake board. Cut out center of second cake to be the “tub” and place on top of first cake. I frosted it with white icing. Use mini marshmallows stuck … Read more

Coolest 7th Birthday Bed Cake

Homemade 7th Birthday Bed Cake

I made this 7th Birthday Bed Cake for a friend’s daughter whose bedding had the flowers and owls on it. We found paper plates with the same print so that was my guide line for inspiration. This cake took me two days to make. I made two different royal icing recipes to make the letters … Read more