Coolest Bathroom Humor Cake

Bathroom Humor Cake

My husband and stepson both have a great sense of humor, so when we were getting together I decided to see if I could get a laugh out of them. I did! To make this bathroom humor cake I used two 9 inch round and one 9×13 square cake. I cut a hole in the … Read more

Funny Homemade Toilet Cake

Toilet Birthday Cake

I made this toilet cake for my brother-in-law and nephew for their shared 60th and 40th birthday surprise party. I purchased a Wilton Horseshoe cake pan for the toilet seat. I used two white cake mixes and had to make two separate cakes, then put one on top of the other to make it higher. … Read more

Hilarious Homemade Toilet Cake

Toilet Cake

The toilet cake was made from a horse shoe cake pan with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting. The contents of the toilet are chocolate frosting with candy corn, corn syrup with yellow food coloring, and a napkin.

Coolest Toilet Cake

Toilet Cake

Working for a colorectal surgeon there are so many dirty ideas that come to mind on his birthday. A butt cake would have been fun, but is such an obvious choice. I had seen a toilet cake somewhere in passing and knew I could come to this site for more inspiration. I knew lemon cake … Read more

Coolest Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Cake

Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Cake

I decided to make this Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Cake for a friend who owns a septic pumping business. It’s quite fun to tease him about his job so for his birthday we figured it should be the same. I baked a 8 inch cake for the base and then opened (a new) can of … Read more

Coolest Toilet Birthday Cake

Homemade Toilet Birthday Cake

I made this Toilet Birthday Cake for my husband’s 40th birthday. I wanted something that wasn’t like what everyone would expect for a 40th male cake and I came up with a toilet. I made the toilet bowl out of cake a 6″ on the bottom and a pudding tin for the bowl. The lid … Read more

Coolest Toilet Paper Birthday Cake

Homemade Toilet Paper Birthday Cake

I made this Toilet Paper Birthday Cake for a friend’s son’s birthday. She wanted something funny but not vulgar. It is a half sheet cake. The cake is a yellow cake with buttercream icing. The toilet paper is rolled fondant. I rolled the fondant out on a printed mat so the paper has Happy Birthday … Read more

Coolest Toilet Paper Cake

Homemade Toilet Paper Cake

I made this homemade toilet paper cake for a friend of mine whose name was Sharman (like the toilet paper brand). It was a chocolate cake with butter cream icing. I started by baking two 6in round cakes, then sliced them each into halves. I layered them with butter cream icing, and then iced the … Read more

Coolest 50th Birthday Toilet Cake

Homemade 50th Birthday Toilet Cake

I made this 50th birthday toilet cake for a co-worker, everyone loved it. The only thing eatable is the pound cake covered in white icing for the bowl. Inside the bowl is blue jello cubed to look like water and a giant tootie roll curled and shaped. The floor is cardboard covered in white paper … Read more

Coolest Over the Hill Toilet Cake

Homemade Over the Hill Toilet Cake

This Over the Hill Toilet Cake was for an Over the Hill Birthday party for two brothers. They wanted something funny, not too black and Grimm Reaper style. I carved the toilet from styrofoam and covered it with white fondant. Then my friend Michelle and I created the small details such as the lettering, the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toilet Cake Photo and Ideas 1

I used two store bought Angel food cakes and one pound cake. The first cake was set upside down. I then cut a slice off the second cake to put on top as the seat. The pound cake was used as the tank of the potty cake. Since Angel food cakes have a center hole … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toilet Cake Photo and Ideas 2

The idea came from a friend of mine who really challenges me to come up with cool cakes. Her now ex-husband worked for Roto-Rooter and she asked me if I had ever made a toilet shaped cake or saw such a cake photo. I mean like, hasnt everyone??? It was really a simple process of … Read more